Atlantic City Public Schools (01-0110)

Atlantic City Public Schools


The Atlantic City Public School District is a Pre-K to 12 school district operating Eleven (11) schools. Our Pre-K through 8th grade schools serve Atlantic City, while our high school serves the students of Atlantic City, Ventnor, Brigantine, Margate and Longport. Our mission is to meet the needs of all students, while increasing student learning and improving teaching in the core academic subjects by using instructional strategies aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the PARRC assessments based on Scientifically Based Research. The district through its 11 schools provides services for approximately 7,000 residential students, grades Preschool through Grade 12, from diverse ethnic, academic and economic backgrounds. There are over 2600 language minority students who speak 36 languages. The district offers Bilingual and ESL programs. A culturally rich district, the student population is comprised of: 34% African Americans; 36% Hispanics; 5% Caucasians; 22% Asian/Pacific Islanders; and 3% Multi-Racial.

The Board of Education has demonstrated a commitment to providing the students with a high quality educational experience. We are fortunate to have highly qualified and dedicated teachers and support staff, led by a talented administrative team that is supported by a strong operations department. The parent and community support for the students in the District is appreciated.
The District is committed to improving student achievement through many District initiatives. The District is facilitating Literacy Collaborative, a Whole School Reform model, to increase academic achievement in Language Arts Literacy. Other initiatives include the following: providing professional development and ongoing training for all staff members; peer coaching; providing new materials and training for differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners, including special education, ESL and Bilingual populations; providing an after-school and summer school instructional program; as well as, purchasing current technology hardware and software.

The District implements the LOTI (Levels of Teaching Innovation) to increase student achievement using higher order thinking skills as well as the New Jersey LoTi Teacher and Principal Evaluation Instruments. The District revised and adopted curricula aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the PARRC. To meet the overarching goal of improving teacher proficiency; thus improving student academic achievement, the District continues a partnership with Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. The development of this partnership builds on the federal research in which state and federal mandates are based: All teachers must be "highly qualified" to help students achieve. This plan provides customized professional development to meet the needs of both students and their teachers. The professional development is sustained, with high quality school based activities that will lead to student achievement in the PARCC Assessment of Skills and Knowledge for grades three through twelve.

Parent involvement is one of the key elements for successful schools. The District has added additional Parent Resource Centers in the elementary schools, and high school that strengthen the connection between home and school. The Parent Resource Centers encourage parental involvement in school activities, provide strategies and instruction to help parents maximize their child’s school experience and assist parents in improving their own skills and education through GED courses, job fairs, ESL services, and computer training. The Parent Centers host a variety of events for the students and parents. We also have a program that helps parents become U.S. citizens, which has been very well received. The Parent Centers operate with flexible hours to meet the unique needs of the families they serve.

The Board approved partnerships with Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and Atlantic Cape Community College. These partnerships benefit the students in Atlantic City’s elementary and high school by allowing them to participate in a variety of academic activities including tutoring, mural projects, yoga classes and provides mentoring relationships between college students and District students. We also have a partnership with the Campus Kitchen Program, in which Atlantic City High School is the first high school site in the country to prepare meals and deliver them to families facing hunger.

Atlantic City High School continues to provide programs to enable our students to become college and career ready. Atlantic City High School continues to house the Capstone Academy Choice School for the Fine and Performing Arts and ROTC. The high school offers rigorous curricula, with a large selection of Advanced Placement (AP), honors, and academic courses. The Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs expose our students to various career paths.

Atlantic City Public Schools offer robust Special Education, Bilingual/ESL and Preschool programs to meet the needs of our students.

The district has created a solid foundation built from rigorous academic standards, analysis of student data and flexible interventions for all students. Our highest priority is to increase student achievement and monitor student progress at the District, school and classroom levels. We look forward to each school year and the opportunity to serve your students.