Atlantic County Special Services School District (01-0125)

Atlantic County Special Services School District

“Planting the Seeds for Success”

The Atlantic County Special Services School District is a county public school that provides a wide range of exemplary programs and services to students with disabilities in a variety of specialized settings. The district was established in 1989 in response to an identified community need to further develop and nurture the growth of Atlantic County’s exceptional students.
The mission of our district is to provide innovative programs and related services for students with special needs ages 3 to 21 who meet eligibility requirements. We offer specialized, individualized instruction to meet academic, social, vocational and therapeutic needs. Essential programs are developed in collaboration with sending districts and human services agencies.
The Atlantic County Special Services School District provides educational programs to meet individual student needs through a broad continuum of approved program placements, including full day preschool disabled, autistic, multiply disabled, severe cognitive, behavior disabled, and both on-site and off-campus Career Education programs. Related services include counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech/language therapy, learning evaluations, and child study team services are provided to students as appropriate and integrated into their educational program. Additional services including wheelchair, brace and orthopedic clinics, behavior management assessment and intervention, augmentative communication, and assistive technology are available to support individual student progress.
Our Elementary/Middle School, students are grouped according to educational and related services needs and in accordance with their Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Instruction is provided with an emphasis on the development of academic achievement, career education, social-emotional learning and life skills, in a safe and accepting school environment. At the High School, programs are implemented through a Career Exploration model, and emphasize the development of career education, life skills, and social-emotional learning, in addition to academic instruction. Students participate in a range of on-site programs including the areas of food services, recycling, retail and business services, and horticulture and grounds maintenance. Through strong and sustained business partnerships, extensive opportunities for structured learning experiences in a variety of off-campus community settings are provided to students who have reached the necessary achievement and workplace readiness levels.
We also offer a range of shared services options, including itinerant child study team services, therapy services, homebound instruction, instructional programs at the county youth detention center, and transportation services.
The Atlantic County Special Services School District recognizes the vital need to continue developing and implementing innovative programs that promote meaningful student success, while simultaneously incorporating best practices in education in order to empower students to reach their fullest potential.