Buena Regional School District is a comprehensive, regional public school district. The District’s three elementary and middle school serve students from Buena Vista Township and Buena Borough. The District’s high school serves students from Buena Vista Township and Buena Borough, along with students from the neighboring municipalities of Estell Manor and Weymouth Township through a sending/receiving relationship. The District is located in rural, picturesque Atlantic County in an area primarily composed of small towns and rural neighborhoods.

The District operates three elementary schools, one middle school and one regional high school. The District’s enrollment in 2015-2016 was approximately 1800 students, in grades preschool through twelve. Two of the District’s elementary schools, Collings Lakes Elementary School and John C. Milanesi Elementary School accommodate students in grades preschool through three. Dr. J.P. Cleary School serves students in grades four and five, while the Buena Regional Middle School welcomes students in grades six through eight. The Buena Regional High School serves students in grades nine through twelve. Our District is a vibrant learning community where students are able to interact with not only each other, but also our outstanding faculty and support staff.

At Buena Regional, we are committed to providing our students with a rigorous and multidimensional educational experience. While our main focus remains academics, we also work hard to engage our students in the athletics, the arts, career-readiness, clubs, character education and other extracurricular opportunities. The District’s faculty and staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of diverse student learners and student progress is monitored on a classroom, school and District level.

The District is fortunate to have highly qualified and caring teachers, administrators and support staff. Professional development with a clear focus on improving student performance is emphasized.

Buena Regional offers a broad range of courses and programs to enable our students to be college or career ready upon graduation. Our college preparatory program offers honors and Advanced Placement courses. Courses in the arts, trades, and life skills, along with participation in service organizations and athletics provides our students with a well- rounded high school experience.

Parental and community support for the District is strong, and greatly appreciated.

The home school connection is strengthened through the use of PowerSchool. Parents, guardians and students can review their student’s attendance and grades using the program. It also provides contact information for teachers, administrators and support staff.

All of us at the Buena Regional School District are committed to your student’s success. We are here to serve you.