Hammonton School District (01-1960)

Hammonton School District

The students in the Hammonton School District are highly involved in their community. This gives them the respect and knowledge they need to be successful. We also offer our students a comprehensive base in technology. In the 2015-2016 school year we celebrated Hammonton’s Sesquicentennial - our 150th year since our incorporation. We also added another dimension to our 3D animation program.

Our students were very enthusiastic in their participation in the Sesquicentennial events and learned a great deal about their town. Our primary grade students completed art projects on “What Hammonton Means to Me." The students in our elementary school worked on units and essays about our town. Research projects were done in our middle school and in our high school they completed digital arts projects.

In addition to celebrating 150 years of Hammonton History, we added another course in 3D animation. Previously, there was only one class in character design and animation. The teacher had to cover the process of designing, modeling, and texturing 3D characters for games as well as film. To revise and improve the course, we started using Pixologic's ZBrush, a digital sculpting and painting program which was already in use in the current 3D Animation class, along with Adobe Photoshop, which is also currently used. By adding a second course, we are able to develop more familiarity with the tools and process involved in developing character ideas into fully-realized characters sculpted and textured in a 3D environment.

With the second course, we are able to use ZBrush as the primary tool for the digital creation and Photoshop to create character presentation sheets with environments and post production effects. In 3D Character Design and Animation II the students will also utilize Autodesk's Maya.

Hammonton students will be successful with their knowledge and respect of their community – and a firm base in technology.