Linwood City School District (01-2680)

Linwood City School District

The Linwood School District, nestled in a beautiful small community in Southern New Jersey, is home to approximately 845 students housed in an elementary and a middle school. The district currently offers a preschool program to students with special needs and a half day kindergarten program for all students. The Seaview Elementary School houses grades Pre-K through four, and the Belhaven Middle School houses students in grades five through eight.

The educational direction of the Linwood School District lends itself to helping students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for perceptive decision-making in a free, technological society—their “Bridge to the Future.” Students receive comprehensive instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health and physical education. Additionally, exposure to technology and engineering through our STEAM program at the elementary level, prepares students for more advanced critical thinking and problem solving at the middle school.

The curricular impact in each of the content areas is evaluated by analyzing individual student progress intermittently through benchmark assessments, performance indicators, and teacher observation. A completely revised curriculum, as well as recommended improvements to our programs, coupled with staff development will continue to increase our ability to ensure that every student in our district meets with success.

As you can see from the information presented in this Performance Report, the Linwood School District met or exceeded state expectations at every grade level in both language arts and mathematics. We are extremely proud to say our district ranks among the highest performing in the State of New Jersey.

Through the contributions of our parents, staff, and community members, Linwood continues to set the standards for academic excellence and community involvement. In September, a Strategic Planning Kick-off Meeting was held to begin the process of renewing our strategic plan. This is the perfect opportunity to engage and inform all stakeholders in the educational decisions which impact the entire community. We look forward to finalizing a five-year plan to increase our preparedness for 21st century teaching and learning.