Port Republic School District (01-4240)

Port Republic School District

It is with great pride that I present this year’s New Jersey School Report Card for the Port Republic School District. The Port Republic School District is comprised of one school, kindergarten through grade eight, in a very scenic and rural town in Atlantic County. When the Port Republic students graduate from the Port Republic School, they attend Cedar Creek High School on a tuition basis. The Port Republic School District is the perfect place for students to begin their life-long learning experiences. Our staff and students work hard to achieve high-test scores and maintain excellence in every accomplishment. Together with our Board of Education and community, the Port Republic School District provides an outstanding education, which includes a comprehensive curriculum, highly qualified and student-centered teachers, and wonderful and enthusiastic learners.

The Port Republic Board of Education is a Board appointed by the Mayor and is comprised of intelligent, dedicated and hard-working citizens. The Board or Education works closely with administration, staff and community members to revise and enforce policy and curriculum. The Port Republic Board of Education’s Policy manual was completely revised and updated in September 2008 allowing the school district the ability to work within all current legislative mandates. The Port Republic School District’s curriculum is continually being reviewed, assessed and revised to include additional competencies that will improve student achievement. Recent curriculum revisions include: World Languages, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, Technology, and Visual and Performing Arts. In addition, both Science and Mathematics, are being taught the NJ Center for Teaching and Learning—the Progressive Science and Mathematics Initiative—PSI and PMI. Each program consists of the same core philosophy, pedagogies, assessment strategies; technology while each has its own set of digital material to support teaching.

Professional development activities required for all staff members and their professional growth have been aligned to the district’s Local Professional Development Plan and the New Jersey Learning Standards. The two strands of professional development include technology integration into all subjects and continued improvements for both the English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum. These improvements include differentiated instructional strategies, integrated instructional strategies, additional personalized accommodations and additional resources. All in-district professional development trainings encourage and develop these two identified strands. In addition, all faculty and staff are trained in Child Abuse and Neglect, Bullying and Harassment, Suicide Prevention, Blood-Borne Pathogens, Right to Know (hazardous materials), and Emergency Management Plans and Procedures. These additional trainings continue to assist the district’s faculty and staff in handling possible crisis situations in the Port Republic School.

Technology is an integral part of the Port Republic School District as we continue to prepare the Port Republic students for their technological futures. Technology is integrated into all aspects of the school district’s curriculum. All students in grades three to eight are participating in a one-to-one chromebook initiative, where grades kindergarten to second have a minimum of five classroom computers, SMART Boards are in every classroom, and wireless laptop computer carts, iPad cart, Flip video cameras, and document cameras available for use by all staff members. In addition to the SMART Board, the Technology lab was recently upgraded in order to facilitate PARCC testing for the 2016-2017 school year, and all staff computers have been updated.

Mr. John Davis