Academic excellence is a long-standing tradition in the Allendale Pre-K – 8 Public Schools. The mission of the District seeks to promote an environment where all students can learn and achieve in schools that focus on high standards for academics, talents, and behavior. Allendale values a mindset of continuous improvement: Strive to be better tomorrow than you were today, but plan to never be finished learning.

Students at all levels have an opportunity to succeed through a dedicated professional faculty, a highly-qualified administration and very competent, caring support personnel. Our Student Services Department supports students with special academic, social, and emotional needs. Furthermore, the Guidance Department offers a nurturing environment that provides additional assistance for students in Grades K-8.

The student achievement record, educational environment, curriculum quality, and student performance on standardized testing are just a few of the variables that reflect the excellence of the Allendale Public School District. Faculty expertise and student commitment, a varied and challenging curriculum and extracurricular offerings create very special learning opportunities for our Allendale students. The daily learning environment nurtures the development of a lifelong commitment to academic excellence.

Our curriculum is developed in partnership with the Northern Highlands Regional High School and the two other elementary districts that feed into our Regional High School. This course of studies is extremely rigorous and includes opportunities to explore video production, a Robotics Program, a STEM exploration lab, multiple outdoor science centers, and state of the art technology. Our District encourages students to become critical thinkers, and we prepare them to meet the needs of the increasingly complex challenges of a rapidly changing world.

The success of our students lies not only in their academic achievements. Opportunities are provided for involvement and success in art, music, and athletics, as well as in the area of youth service. At the middle school, over seventy percent of our students select musical pursuits in the form of chorus, instrument study and/or acting. At our elementary school, students are active in extracurricular clubs such as our State Award-Winning Garden Club.

An active and caring parent community contributes to the success of our District and is an integral component in the accomplishments of our students. Both Hillside and Brookside Schools have a very active PTO that provides funding for programs which enhance the curriculum. The Allendale Foundation for Educational Excellence supports Annual Mini-Grant Programs as well as selected major projects through fund raising and private donors. The Brookside/Hillside Music & Arts Association provides funding for various fine arts projects and sponsors a fee-based Summer Enrichment Program. Lastly, the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee Group actively provides feedback on behalf of children with special needs.

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