Bogota Public School District (03-0440)

Bogota Public School District

The Bogota School District is committed to offering a quality education in a safe learning environment. It challenges each of its 1,200 students to become lifelong learners and responsible 21st century citizens.

Our students utilize technology every day to learn, research and problem-solve. Computer labs and mobile carts filled with Chromebooks help to support the literacy needs of our students. Software programs provide standards-based assessments, instruction and test preparation. Teachers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of technology as a learning tool, thus enabling students to become more technologically literate and capable.

Students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade learn reading and writing through the Reading and Writing Workshop model. The curriculum, based on decades of research, molds our students to become productive readers, writers and inquirers of society. Teachers ensure that their literacy instruction is aligned to the Common Core and that students are assessed using multiple measures and authentic tasks.

In mathematics, students use the EnVision 2.0 curriculum to develop conceptual understanding of mathematical operations. They are taught using problem-based interactive learning activities, which provide all students with the opportunity to succeed. Students are engaged when deepening their mathematical skills using their classroom SmartBoard.

Our middle school students enjoy extended time in English language arts and mathematics as well as a rich cycle program in grade 7 and an exploratory elective program in grade 8. Students take an algebra readiness course in grade 7 and have Algebra I in grades 8 and 9. Algebra I is a foundational course, and the two years allow for a greater emphasis on skill development and application of content.

Though located in the Junior/Senior High School, we ensure that our 7th and 8th graders continue to receive the academic, social and emotional support provided by our middle school team of teachers. They work collaboratively to meet the needs of our middle school students by co-planning lessons and meeting to discuss individual student progress.

The Junior/Senior High Schools prides itself on fostering an environment in which personal attention is given to each individual student. We are committed to providing every student with a quality education that meets the needs of a multi-cultural populace. As a result, the high school offers a multitude of course offerings. All students in grade 10 take the PSAT, and results are used to review advanced placement offerings. Students also take courses for college credit as part of a dual credit program with Bergen Community College. There are numerous opportunities for our students to earn college credit before even graduating from our High School.

Our newly implemented Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) program is providing students at the Junior/Senior High School with 21st century skills that will prepare them with the requisites of our evolving world. Courses like Web Design, Graphic Design, Bridge Building and Robotics expose students to generate and test hypotheses through investigation, inquiry and experimentation.

Students are also encouraged to participate in extra curricular clubs and athletics. The Junior/Senior High School offers over 20 clubs and organizations to provide enrichment in all interests.

Parents of the community provide extensive support to the district through their engagement in programs and activities. We encourage and thank our parents for their involvement and interest in their child’s education. Likewise, our community supports and recognizes the hard effort of our staff and the diverse needs of our students. In a society that is constantly evolving, the Bogota School District continues to respond to the changing needs of our students. It is a community where all students can learn and succeed.