The Mission of the Cliffside Park School District is to provide a safe, academically focused environment within our culturally diverse community where all students have the opportunity to achieve the NJ Student Learning Standards at all grade levels. To attain our mission, we challenge each student to confidently achieve his or her own educational goals as well as acquire the work and social skills needed to be a productive member of society.

In 2016, CPSD has made great strides towards attaining our mission. While facing the challenges of a growing student body across all grade levels, our student outcomes have demonstrated that what our administrators and teachers are doing is working and that students are excelling in all areas.

As a result, our 2016 graduates have been accepted into our state’s and nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Our students have also excelled in the military and in the workplace. Meanwhile, our teams and clubs are winning on the sports fields, and other arenas, demonstrating remarkable teamwork, leadership, and character.

The district continues to provide all staff with professional development opportunities in all areas of the curriculum. This allows our staff to keep current with educational trends. A recent example was to provide staff with the opportunity to harness the amazing powers of technology in order to personalize learning plans that cater to the individual needs of our students. With access to state of the art technologies, teachers are implementing project based learning to ensure all students are actively engaged in daily lessons.

Outside of the classroom, our exceptional after school program provides many students with the extra time and extra help they need to excel within a rigorous academic program while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. After school participants have demonstrated dramatic increases in the LAL and MATH PARCC scores as well as on their report cards. Meanwhile, on surveys, parents and teachers report that students are improving in terms of homework completion, behavior, and participation.

It’s with great enthusiasm that I invite you to review our 2016 School Performance Report. As you do, it will become clear that we are succeeding in challenging every stakeholder in the district to commit to lifelong learning in order to achieve his or her individual and community goals.