Cliffside Park High School

Cliffside Park High School services the students of Cliffside Park and the neighboring community of Fairview. The students of Cliffside Park High School speak over forty different languages at home, making this school community one which is rich in culture and ethnically diverse. Our goal is to provide a platform for students of all backgrounds and nationalities to flourish in a competitive, technologically driven economy and to ensure students are prepared for college or careers when they graduate.
Opportunities for students to explore rigorous college track programs have existed for numerous years at Cliffside Park. We are happy to say we are continuing to add programs for all learners and manage our resources effectively.
Students are provided the opportunity to take advanced placement courses and, through recently developed partnerships with local colleges, dual credit courses are currently available. For the first time this year AP Computer Science is available, Anatomy and Physiology has been added to our dual enrollment offerings and we have a number of Seniors currently enrolled and taking college courses at local Colleges.
At the same time, we are providing opportunities for our disaffected students. We have created a bilingual program for our Spanish Speaking population. We have created a SIFE program for Students with an Interrupted Formal Education. We have partnered with Bergen County Special Services to provide internship opportunities for our Special Education population and are adding appropriate courses and electives for students with IEPs.
At Cliffside Park High School we are raising expectations. For the first time students and parents will be able to access their grades in realtime through the parent portal. We are moving away from final exams this year. Instead students in Math, English, Social Studies, and Science classes will be administered four quarterly assessments. These quarterly assessments have been designed in an effort to assess students skills and measure their growth, not in content, but reading informational texts, analyzing and supporting author’s claims, citing evidence, modeling and solving equations. The end goal is to increase student’s readiness for the PARCC assessment and we have demonstrated tremendous growth from year one to year two in all area of Math and English.
At Cliffside Park High School we value educating the whole student. There are a number of competitive athletic teams available to students, a flourishing and award winning performing and visual arts department, and numerous extracurricular activities meant to accommodate various interests. Students are encouraged to explore these opportunities in order to develop team building skills, to promote collaboration, and to grow as individuals.
In my second year as Principal of Cliffside Park High School, I look forward to strengthening the educational programs we currently provide our students and to further develop a strong relationship with the community.