Cresskill Public School District (03-0990)

Cresskill Public School District

The Board of Education and administration continue to provide an outstanding education for all our students. We offer diverse programs that meet the academic, artistic and athletic needs of our school community. Cresskill continues its fine tradition of excellence with National Merit Scholars, commendable SAT scores, student acceptance/admission to some of the most prestigious colleges, the successes of our music and art departments with awards and recognition's, and the outstanding sports programs that consistently participate in county and state championships. Our administrators and faculty are committed to do all that is necessary to insure continuous growth and improvement that will allow each student to reach their potential The data in the New Jersey School Report Card reflects that commitment and dedication in all areas. Our students continue to perform well above state averages and ranks in the top 10 in Bergen County for SAT scores. According to the Washington Post, Cresskill High School for the 2015-2016 school year was ranked as one of the most Challenging Schools in New Jersey. In the most recent biennial NJ Monthly ranking, Cresskill was ranked the #26 public school in the state of New Jersey. In addition, 100% of our students’ graduated with 98% attending post graduate institutions. We are also proud of our programs for special education students. We have less than 7 % of our students educated out of district. We currently have programs that meet the needs of our special education population from preschool to age 21.

The challenge facing the Cresskill Public Schools is one of educating a growing and diverse student population, responding to a growing list of state and federal under-funded educational mandates. However, the Board of Education and school administration continue to be committed to operating an effective and efficient school system. We are committed to insuring that each student receives the necessary attention, and has the necessary resources, to realize their unique learning potential. At the same time, the Board and administration remain sensitive to the financial concerns of each taxpayer.

Several programs, initiatives, and technology enhancements continued into the 2015-2016 school year. For example, in the elementary schools the students will maintain their character education initiative that encourages students to accept and respect our differences. Lessons, assemblies, and student led programs were introduced as mandated by the new Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation Law. Students in the primary grades are also vested in a Go Green project that emphasizes reduce, reuse, and recycle. The Robotics class will continue in the middle school and high school. There is also an emphasis in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) across grades 6-12. The goal is to prepare students with the necessary competencies to enter the workforce and expose a greater number of students to the opportunities as a professional in STEM fields. We are also excited about our new Coding class available in both the Middle and High School levels. In mathematics we continue to offer Algebra 1 at grade 6 as an opportunity for students that excel. We are in our fourth year of implementation of the Cresskill Academies program. The three Academies are S.T.E.M., Global Perspective, and The Arts (visual and performing). For instruction and curriculum, the district provides professional development in Creating Highly Effective Classrooms, Differentiation, Inclusion, and Balanced Literacy. Additionally teachers will continue to update their websites and receive training on how to infuse technology to enhance instruction.

In the area of technology, students are provided with several tools that include, laptops, iPads, hand held devices, equipment for TV, radio, photography production, and music lab. In addition to student and teacher tools technology also plays a role in security and administration. There are cameras at each of the buildings and parent access to their child’s academic reports. Through the generosity of the parent organizations and the education foundation, the district was able to provide the district with these technology tools.

The facilities continue to be upgraded, refurbished, and maintained. Our goal is to ensure that our buildings will be safe, and that our space will be sufficient to meet the needs of our students for several years to come. There was a financial investment to install additional security measures in the district, such as direct access to local authorities and more secure entrances.

With the support of the Cresskill community and the dedicated staff we will continue to provide an environment that is caring, respectful, and committed to preparing our students for careers in the 21st century. The Board of Education encourages everyone to visit our website for additional information about our programs and events at