Demarest School District (03-1070)

Demarest School District

Welcome to the Demarest Public Schools where a personalized, student-centered atmosphere prevails. The Demarest School Community boasts a well-deserved reputation in Northern Valley and throughout Bergen County for providing an outstanding educational experience for all children.

Demarest is a suburban community located in northern New Jersey, just ten miles from New York City with a population of approximately 5,200. The Demarest School District serves nearly 700 preschool through eighth grade children. Upon graduating eighth grade, students attend Northern Valley Regional High School in Demarest.

Our community is one of seven districts in the Northern Valley Schools Consortium. Working collaboratively with the other districts in the Valley, Demarest promotes the academic articulation of programs for all students K-12. Our shared efforts in developing curriculum, providing high quality staff development, as well as coordinating technology and related services are critical to our tradition of excellence. These efforts are supported by our Boards of Education, administration, parents, residents, professional staff, and the Northern Valley Education Foundation, an organization designed to provide innovative and creative educational enhancements for teaching and learning. Additionally, the Demarest Parent Teacher Organization works collaboratively with building administrators, staff, and local community members to fundraise, coordinate educational events, and provide the students of Demarest with phenomenal educational materials and program.

Students attend one of three schools, located on different campuses. County Road School is home for our primary students in grades preschool, kindergarten and grade one. Luther Lee Emerson School serves students in grades two through four and Demarest Middle School is home for children in grades five through eight. The school district features a new tuition based integrated preschool program, for ages three and four, incorporating the education of general education children with that of special education children, offering a high quality early childhood experience. In addition, we have a full day kindergarten, a middle school interscholastic program, a full S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math) lab that offers instructional and enrichment experiences, high academic standards, small class size, and strong support staff. Demarest is committed to preparing students for college and careers in a 21st century world. The district’s state of the art technology includes the implementation of a 1:1 initiative, providing MacBook Air laptops to all students in grades five through eight.

The Demarest Community shares a common goal for the growth and development of each student. Academically our expectations for all students are high and the district continues a commitment to differentiating instruction to meet the different learning styles and needs of all students. Our mission is to develop in each student a lifelong love of learning, strong self-esteem, ethical values, and a respect and appreciation for diversity to help every child reach his or her full potential.

To help meet these goals and objectives, we invite our community to take advantage of the various channels of communication established to provide information about the Demarest Public Schools programs. Working together we will continue to prepare our students to successfully complete our challenging curriculum. We will also prepare them to meet the needs of the increasingly complex challenges of living and working in such a rapidly changing world. For more information about our district, please visit our website