Dumont Public School District (03-1130)

Dumont Public School District

I am pleased to present you with the results of the New Jersey State Report Card as compiled by the Department of Education. It contains statistics on student performance, monetary expenditures, demographic and other quantifiable information, which indicate educational quality and organizational efficiency. I encourage you to review the report card carefully.

By any standard we use, our students continue to perform well. Dumont's scores are typically above state averages and compare favorably with other school systems in our district factor group.

Of course, numbers alone don’t tell the complete story. On the report card, each principal has had the opportunity to provide a "snapshot" of your child's school, and has highlighted specific programs that have been implemented. I am extremely proud of our district and believe that we are providing our students with one of the finest learning experiences being offered today.

On behalf of the Board of Education, the faculty, and administration, I thank you for your continued support.