East Rutherford School District (03-1230)

East Rutherford School District

Welcome to the East Rutherford School District. The East Rutherford Public School Board of Education, Administration and teaching staff is committed to a comprehensive educational program designed to promote the intellectual development and high level of achievement of our students.

Our programs are assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure that they meet the needs of the approximately 813 students we serve.

The East Rutherford School District is comprised of two schools. McKenzie School houses Pre-K to Grade 4 and Faust School houses Grades 5 to 8.

The East Rutherford School District has approximately 82 certified staff members to teach and assist our students in developing an understanding of themselves, their role in society, and their community. In addition, to offering opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social and physical development and technology experiences are available to all students to prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.

The East Rutherford School District promotes academic excellence through the alignment of the curriculum and materials with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Students receive a rigorous education that meets the requirements of the New Jersey State Department of Education and the East Rutherford Board of Education. Additionally, our 5th grade students take part in the Law Enforcement Against Drugs Program (L.E.A.D) taught by our East Rutherford L.E.A.D. officers.

Elementary and middle school years can be a challenging time for children. Our instructional staff recognizes this fact and provides students with support and encouragement, so they leave East Rutherford with the skills necessary to be successful in high school and beyond. During the years of developmental growth, students need academic challenges and social experiences in an environment which provides stability. Our district climate is one in which students acquire self-confidence and independence as learners while developing positive attitudes about learning and school.

The East Rutherford School District offers a rich learning environment between all grade levels to foster academic achievement, social collaboration among peers, strengthen school spirit and build friendships. Field trips are planned for each grade level to provide students with experiences that enrich their academic program. By providing a wide range of programs, students have the opportunity to become active members of the school community by participating in a variety of activities, such as seasonal shows/productions, musical concerts, plays, student council, dances, academic literacy challenges, yearbook, volleyball to name a few.

Technology is integrated in our daily instructional program. Both district schools have computer labs, laptops Chromebooks and Internet access in every classroom. Classroom teachers utilize SmartBoards to create meaningful, interactive lessons. Our students are able to expand their learning beyond the classroom by collaborating with students from other districts and across the globe by utilizing online communication tools.

We are proud of our commitment toward reaching and positively influencing all students. The East Rutherford School District offers a wide range of services for students. The Intervention and Referral Services (I & RS) committee reviews requests from teachers or parents for assistance with students who are experiencing difficulty in the classroom. We have a continuum of Special Education services. Our Child Study Team provides diagnostic and consultative services to students who are identified in need of special services to succeed in their school program. All students with disabilities have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which ensures they are given the support needed, while placing the student in the least restrictive environment. The ESL (English as a Second Language) program serves our English Language Learners. This Title I Program provides support for students who need assistance in the areas of reading, language, mathematics and study skills. We also offer a gifted and talented and school-wide enrichment program.

The East Rutherford School District is fortunate to be part of a larger community that takes pride in our school and town. Parents, teachers, students, administrators, and community members have forged a partnership to ensure the students of East Rutherford receive every opportunity to reach their maximum potential. We believe that all students can be successful. Our schools strive to create a learning environment that is creative, innovative, and engaging. The East Rutherford School district invites parents and community members to become involved with the school district. Parents and community members have the opportunity to provide service to our media centers, classrooms, serve as chaperones for various activities and guest speakers during the school year. Membership in our Parent-Teacher Association provides for community participation. This type of involvement enriches our school system. Our PTA continues to provide our district with many additional services that directly impact our students.

The East Rutherford School District is committed to continued professional improvement and individual growth. Professional learning communities, team meetings, and in-service days provide the opportunity for our instructional staff to engage in a continuous cycle of learning. Faculty and staff participate in on-going professional development opportunities throughout the school year that focus on best practices to improve student learning.

The East Rutherford “Wildcats” take pride in developing the altruistic spirit of the students and community. It is our mission to rally our citizens to show the next generation the importance of self-sacrifice. Student involvement in their local community and in state and world affairs is encouraged and fostered through service learning. Our students participate in such experiences as Red Ribbon Week, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Breast Cancer Month, Holiday Gift Drive, American Heart Association, Jeans for Troops, and our Thanksgiving Food Drive.

A Before School and After School child care program is offered by the Apollo Aftercare Program and operated on a tuition basis. This program ensures the safe and efficient supervision of children while offering a fun and enjoyable experience.

Our District offers classroom experiences that are designed to ensure that students develop the necessary skills and strategies to become lifelong learners and face the challenges of the 21st century. Our students are nurtured, supported and educated by a professional learning community of teachers, parents, administrators, and community members who value education, support and believe in the East Rutherford School District.

Please visit our website for more details of the programs and services provided by the East Rutherford School District.