Elmwood Park School District (03-1345)

Elmwood Park School District

The Elmwood Park faculty and staff continue to take pride in the accomplishments of approximately 2700 students. Along with the board of education and the support of parents and community members, the district works diligently each day to provide a concentrated quality program to the youth of Elwood Park. We continue to implement all pertinent local, state, and federal initiatives. We strive to provide opportunities that will enhance our students’ academic and social growth on a local as well as global level. We give confidence to self-disciplined, responsible, thoughtful, life-long learners, as they become positive contributing members of our society.

We provide many professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to ensure appropriate instructional methods, professional skills, educational practices, and current content knowledge are utilized in all lessons. Our programs continue to be current, reflecting mandated requirements as well as meeting the needs of our students. Initiatives are in place and ongoing to address the state standardized assessment needs and to ensure classroom success of all children. Students are encouraged and expected to be active participants in the learning process. Teachers have performed admirably to enhance student comprehension, improve upon classroom instruction, infuse technology, and meet the unique needs of children and the demands of the profession. Articulation among the faculty permit collaborative dialogue and seamless transitions between each grade level and school within the district.

Educational opportunities are available for students as early as three years of age who qualify for our pre-school disabled program. As a district, we continue to investigate the possibility of expanding the pre-school program to include additional students ages three and four in the Elmwood Park community.

The district’s commitment is to continue to provide unwavering academic success within a sound fiscal strategy. By reviewing the financial data provided in the school performance report, it is evident that Elmwood Park’s per pupil expenditure continues to be far less than what the state has identified as “adequate.” Be that as it may, we remain competitive with districts throughout the state and within the same district factor peer groupings.

The Elmwood Park School District remains dedicated in its challenge to assure that the efforts of our board of education, faculty, staff, administration, parents and community focus on supporting a quality educational program for the children of our borough.

Please visit www.elmwoodparkschools.org for current information, news, calendar and district contacts.