Englewood Public School District (03-1370-040)

Dwight Morrow High School/Academies@Englewood

Dwight Morrow High School is a progressive community of learners consisting of approximately 1112 students and 118 faculty members. Our 9th through 12th grade school is a part of a send/receive relationship between the City of Englewood and the Borough of Englewood Cliffs. Additionally, our campus is the home to the Interdistrict Public School Choice program, Academies@Englewood. An alternative high school program called the EAGLE Wings@BCC is run in conjunction with the high school program.

With 17 different Advanced Placement courses, 10 Dual Enrollment courses and 37 Honors-level courses, the students at Dwight Morrow High School/Academies@Englewood are exposed to a rigorous course load that prepares them for a successful post-secondary education. As such, partnerships with area colleges and universities have given our students the opportunity to earn upwards of 29 college credits before graduating high school.

The EAGLE Wings@BCC program is a new venture for our students. This successful alternative education program assists students whose learning styles do not fit that of the traditional student, while attending classes at Bergen Community College. These students have the opportunity to attend smaller classes, affording greater opportunities for building a positive relationship with post-secondary schools.

With a noteworthy population, Dwight Morrow High School provides specialized learning settings and supports for students with disabilities and those arriving to the school with limited English proficiency. Both groups of students have dedicated staff and specialized programs to support them toward college admission and success while addressing their unique needs.

Preparing students to meet the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century is a top priority for the administration. As such, access to technology is afforded students through the numerous labs, computer carts, and software applications which enrich learning opportunities throughout the campus. With technology embedded in virtually every course, our students are expected to engage in collaborative, inquiry-based projects that prepare them for college and careers.

Dwight Morrow High School maintains an extensive extracurricular program of clubs and community service organizations that gives students the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom. This program enables students to build a portfolio of experiences to augment their academic record for college applications and employment. Additionally, our school has a proud tradition of athletic success. To ensure that the athletes are preparing themselves academically, we maintain an eligibility requirement that surpasses the standards of the NJSIAA. As a result, each year dozens of college recruiters come to our campus to find athletically talented students who can meet the academic demands of college.

The successful collaboration of school and community ensures the highest quality planning and program for our students. Partnerships with the community transcend the immediate stakeholders in our academic process. These include several community-based organizations such as the Bergen Family Center (the ZONE), the Englewood Health Department, the Urban League, the Englewood Library, Interact and the Rotary Club. Other long-standing partnerships include a very active Alumni Association as well as the Englewood Historical Society.

The Dwight Morrow High School teaching staff is empowered and supported by the administration as partners in the growth and success of our students. Our Professional Learning Communities are supported by professional development workshops for staff to increase their effectiveness in pedagogy, technology, and subject area competency. Our subject area PLCs provide teachers the opportunity to review and update data, collaborate on the development of assessments, and improve and coordinate the delivery of instruction.