Fort Lee School District (03-1550)

Fort Lee School District

On behalf of the Fort Lee Board of Education, I am pleased to invite you to review the district’s 2015-2016 New Jersey School Report Card. This report of progress details various aspects of our school such as enrollment, class size, student/faculty ratios, revenues, and student achievement, and it is provided by the New Jersey Department of Education as a service to parents and interested community members who wish to gain an understanding and appreciation for the Fort Lee Public Schools.

The Fort Lee Public Schools have a long tradition of success in the classroom, as well as in the extra-curricular and co-curricular arenas. In addition to rigorous curricula, numerous programs enrich the quality of the education of the children of the Borough of Fort Lee. Most importantly, the Fort Lee Public Schools remain committed to providing challenging instruction for each student that is differentiated to address his or her intellectual, social, and emotional needs; to following best instructional practices that engage all students in relevant learning activities; and to developing students who are prepared to be 21st Century global citizens.

Within the New Jersey School Report Card, you will find indicators of progress we in the Fort Lee Public Schools are making toward achieving our vision as well as toward achieving the New Jersey Student Learning Standards with fiscal responsibility. Here are some of the most notable accomplishments of our students and faculty:

• Fort Lee High School graduated ninety-nine percent (99%) of our students. More than ninety-six percent (96%) of Fort Lee graduates went on to pursue higher education. Our schools are represented at Ivy League Schools and many of the nation’s most prestigious colleges.

• More than $3.8 million in scholarships were awarded to our graduating class of 2016.

• Last year, 170 students sat for 261 AP examinations. Students have earned the designation of AP scholars in recognition of their exceptional achievement on AP examinations as well as National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalists.

• Fort Lee High School has offered the IB Diploma Program to students in grades 11 & 12 since September of 2010. Our IB courses are small and rigorous and are not limited to those students seeking an IB Diploma. The first class of IB Diploma Candidates earned diplomas in June of 2012.

• The Science Research Program has produced finalists in “The New Jersey Junior Science & Humanities Symposium” at Rutgers University.

• The district has initiated a 1:1 technology program. All 7-12th grade students are given a Chromebook computer for their use.

• Fort Lee High School produced 35 AP Scholars.

• Fort Lee High School added seventeen additional 21st Century elective courses including Chinese, Robotics, Floral Design and 3D Design II.

• Our Athletic teams won seven league championships.

To fulfill our belief that classroom instruction is the most important element of the education of a child, teachers in the Fort Lee Public Schools are involved in extensive and rigorous professional development. Our teachers strive to improve their skills through attendance at district led courses in language arts, brain-based learning, curricular technology infusion, and multiple intelligences, among others. Teachers also attend local colleges and universities to pursue higher learning in their fields of instruction. Additionally, our teachers work together in teams to share their talents and skills with one another. We see this so effectively implemented in our mentoring program, but we also see it in professional learning communities, curriculum development teams, and grade level or department teams, where our teachers are sharing their collective experience to develop an instructional model based on research and best practices. Quality schools need committed parents. Our active PTA’s and other parent groups are valued for the extra support they provide to our students and our schools. We look forward to having you join in the ongoing efforts to keep the Fort Lee Public Schools at the forefront of education.

As always, please contact us at 201-585-4612 if you have any suggestions, questions, or thoughts to further enhance our district.