Hasbrouck Heights School District (03-2080)

Hasbrouck Heights School District

The Hasbrouck Heights School District is committed to supporting students, PreK-12, so that they develop critical thinking in all areas, while focusing on language arts literacy and math skills that will enable them to be college and career ready when they graduate. The teaching staff and administrators have developed curricula that is aligned to the Common Core and New Jersey Core Content Standards, in all areas of study.

The Hasbrouck Heights School District has implemented Readers Workshop, Grades K through 2 and Writers Workshop in Grades K through 5, along with the Go Math standards-based math program in grades K-8. Administrators and teachers receive regular professional and staff development in all areas of instruction, as well as in the Danielson Teacher Evaluation System. The District is also in the first year of implementing a 1:1 initiative and anticipates a full implementation in a 3 year period.

Besides core areas, high level course offerings at the High School include AP Language and Composition, AP Literature and Composition, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Studio Art, AP Music Theory, AP Environmental, AP Spanish, AP Psychology, AP Physics, and AP United States History. We have an annual college fair, which introduces students to numerous post-secondary offerings.

Members of our school community continue to…
• Review and revise curriculum so that it is aligned to the Common Core and New Jersey Core Content Standards;
• Focus on district-wide literacy initiatives, such as writing across the curriculum, with emphasis on using nonfiction texts in all core subject areas;
• Increase the use of higher order questioning in all content areas;
• Foster consistency in academic rigor with vertical and horizontal teaming;
• Develop common benchmarks/assessments to monitor student achievement;

The Parent-Teacher Associations at each school are actively involved in working with administrators and teachers to support academic and extracurricular programs. Collaborations with the Mayor and Council, the Police, Fire, and Recreation Departments and other organizations contribute to the communal aspect of the educational program in a district that is committed to fostering life-long learning skills.

District Goals

1. Communication – During the 2016-2017 school year, to further increase the home/school connection, (3) newsletters will be sent to the entire community and (4) newsletters will be sent to educational stakeholders (parents and students) within the district. In addition, the district will utilize information gained from a parent survey, distributed in the 2015-2016 school year, to provide (2) targeted parent workshops on topics identified by parents as areas of need. In addition, during the 2016-2017 school year I would like to meet with small groups of staff members (4-6) informally in an effort to foster better communication and improve the overall functioning of the district.

2. Technology – By April 2017, a minimum of 80% of teachers in grades 5 and 8, Language Arts Literacy and Social Studies teachers in grades 9-12, and a minimum of 1 teacher coach will be trained in the use of Google Apps for Education. Training and follow-up classroom support will be conducted by our Google Apps for Education Consulting Facilitator. Teachers’ growth and mastery will be assessed and measured through the district created Google Apps for Education Skills Survey. The survey will be administered by the Google Apps Consulting Facilitator or the Director of Curriculum at the beginning of the training, middle of the year, and at the end of the year (April).

3. Financial Management – The district business department will ensure that the budget provides for and supports the district’s 3-year technology plan.
• Ensure the budget adequately supports the district’s 3-year technology plan.
• Ensure the budget adequately supports the district’s 1:1 initiative.

Please see the website for up-to-date information about Hasbrouck Heights Public Schools, www.hhschools.org.