The Haworth Public School’s Mission Statement describes our school as “a safe nurturing small school environment, in partnership with our community, dedicated to providing every student with educational excellence through a comprehensive, innovative and rigorous curriculum that fosters productive and responsible life-long learners in a global society”. It accurately describes our K-8 school for its high standards, high expectations and our attention to the individual needs of our students. Haworth is a desirable place to live and our school is noted for its academic achievement and focus on children.

Haworth School acknowledges that our students must compete in a global society and the value of developing life-long learners who are critical consumers and producers of information. Haworth continues to make significant strides in technology following a highly successful administration of the PARCC. Our school boasts two Mac computer labs, one for our K–4 students, the other for students in grades 5–8; they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including scanners, SMART boards, and digital cameras. The 2015–16 school year was also the start of our 1:1 initiative for our eighth-graders. Each student was issued a new Mac laptop, which promoted student-student and student-teacher collaboration, a greater continuity of learning outside of school through the Haiku interface, and structured experiences that will enable our graduates to transition seamlessly to the digital environment at our high school, Northern Valley Regional at Demarest.

The Northern Valley Curriculum Center (NVCC) of the Northern Valley Consortium, of which Haworth is a part, continues to provide our school with support as we continue to implement the Common Core State Standards and administer digital assessments. During the 2016-17 school year the district will utilize and provide professional development for both teachers and administrators with the STRONGE evaluation system as part of the AchieveNJ law.

The faculty of the Haworth Public School recognizes that the nature and needs of early adolescents differ from those of elementary students. To address these unique needs, our middle school students in grades five through eight participate in lunch time activities, including Technology Lab, Journalism, Science Olympiad, Brain Busters, Student Council, Open Studio, and Art Club. The elementary grade students enjoy a child-centered environment and are actively engaged in the learning process through research-based programs such as Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop and GoMath! Best practices are implemented in all classrooms and grade levels, and are continually revisited and honed through both grade-level and grade-cluster Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), which meet twice per month. PLCs enable teachers to be research-practitioners of their curricula and students by sharing work samples, conducting peer observations, and creating common assessments and coherent end-of-course expectations.

The Haworth Home and School Association supports our school in a variety of critical ways. In addition to supplying us with high quality assemblies and cultural arts programs, their fund-raising efforts permit us to enhance our program with an array of exciting materials, including the acquisition of complex non-fiction texts for our leveled classroom libraries, which will position students to continue to reach and exceed the expectations of the Common Core State Standards. Home and School members volunteer in our school on a regular basis, providing our building with a palpable spirit of teamwork. Our thriving After School Care Program provides a vital service to working parents; our enrichment programs bring many additional experiences to our students beyond the daily curriculum. Thus, the school community and community at large are, in many ways, are interdependent. It is this combination of shared commitment to kids and rigorous academic experience that makes Haworth Public School a truly exceptional place for students to learn and grow.