Ho-Ho-Kus School District (03-2200)

Ho-Ho-Kus School District

The Ho-Ho-Kus School District is a Pre-K-8 school district located in northern New Jersey, about 15 miles from New York City. The community of approximately 4,125 has made a strong commitment to quality education and a rigorous academic program. Our district meets the needs of approximately 615 Pre-K-8 students in addition to more than 245 students who continue their high school program at Northern Highlands Regional High School in Allendale, New Jersey. Ho-Ho-Kus Public School provides students with research-proven characteristics of effective schools:
A safe and orderly environment
A clear and focused mission
Development of the whole child
Learner-active, technology-infused classrooms
Parents as partners in school activities

Ho-Ho-Kus teachers are highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise, and each creates a culture of caring and compassion within a clearly articulated structure. The district has very high expectations for achievement and performance, and the data supports this observation. Each student’s development is promoted through learner-active engagement and a focus on differentiated instruction. Our students come to us with a strong desire to learn and an understanding that their achievement is the primary intent of the work of the adults around them.

Ho-Ho-Kus Public School has been recognized as a School of Character, reflecting the district’s culture of respect. In addition to the comprehensive spirit of respect, all connected with the district are inspired by our mission statement, one reflective of inclusive principles and strong community spirit: “The Ho-Ho-Kus Public School is committed to a high standard of academic excellence in compliance with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in a safe and nurturing environment that will allow students to maximize their potential and prepare them to be responsible, contributing members of a diverse society.”

Ho-Ho-Kus strongly values education and everyone shares in the responsibility to support school programs that reflect critical learning tenets. We are proud that our community partners, spearheaded by the work of an involved Home & School Association and Education Foundation, represent the best of community engagement in public education. Together with our very supportive parent community, we have worked to enhance our instructional program in numerous ways and have been able to provide state of the art technology for our students. We are especially proud of our one-to-one Chromebook initiative involving the issuance of personal computing devices to our students in Grades 5 - 8. Additionally, students in Pre-K through Grade 4 use iPads and laptops to enhance their learning.

We are pleased to share the New Jersey Department of Education School Performance Report for the Ho-Ho-Kus Public School District with you. We are proud of our accomplishments and encourage you to take the time to read through the data. Please visit our website at www.hohokus.org to learn more about our school district.