Leonia Public School District (03-2620-055)

Leonia Middle School

Leonia Middle School (LMS) is a caring community dedicated to respect, honesty, and learning. The school’s 77 teaching faculty and staff members commit to this vision and work diligently, every day, to develop the unique talents and capabilities of each individual student through a broad spectrum of academic, extracurricular, and technology-based programs.

LMS has been named a School to Watch by the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform for a three year designation (2014-2017). The faculty’s multiyear effort to reform their practice has established norms, structures, and organizational arrangements to support a high-performing middle school. The school is one of five middle schools in New Jersey recognized for academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, and social equity.

The positive learning climate evident at LMS reflects the support of a strong Home and School Association and their active community involvement in the lives and efforts of our students. Our dynamic advisory program supports both our student body and faculty in building positive components of our school climate that comprise the core of our daily instruction. The character traits of caring, citizenship, trustworthiness, responsibility, and respect for self and others are central to our social learning programs and are the fundamental values of the school community. Tailored advisory lessons are conducted throughout the school year, during which students are presented with opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of each valued concept.

LMS faculty and staff affirm the value of every individual and recognize the unique needs of each learner. Our collaborative process and careful attention to student data allow teachers to assess each student’s progress in an effort to target areas of deficiency, build on student strengths, and ultimately assist students in achieving academic success.

Our faculty’s team philosophy emphasizes active interdisciplinary learning experiences. A cornerstone of the approach is our common planning process, which fosters professional dialogue among colleagues related to curriculum, assessment, student needs, and social issues. When aggregated, these factors contribute to LMS maintaining an individually focused, academically rigorous, and engaging learning environment.