Leonia Public School District (03-2620-060)

Anna C. Scott Elementary School

The Anna C. Scott School is a student centered community dedicated to helping each child develop intellectually, personally, affectively, socially and physically. Anna C. Scott serves to meet the needs of students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. The staff is committed to creating life-long learners who are interested in reading, writing, math, science and the arts. Integration of subject matter, problem solving, and higher level thinking skills are stressed in all classes. Students are prepared to be global citizens as they learn second languages and other cultures, research and work with others through the web, and learn to work out conflicts in positive ways. In a building of nearly 670 students, the Anna C. Scott School supports five classes in each grade level. Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs are comprised of full day sessions.

Our curriculum is aligned with the NJ Student Learning Content Standards. We follow a balanced literacy approach in all grades, with an emphasis on strategic reading and writing, and student independence. Our math approach utilizes technology and hands-on learning to guide students in questioning and deeply understanding the “whys” behind mathematical algorithms, while building a strong foundation of fundamental math concepts. Grade level teachers and specialists meet regularly to plan instruction based on their assessments of students’ strengths and needs in order to work towards each student’s greatest thinking and performance. Special education students are mainstreamed both in content and special area classes. This philosophy of instruction serves the needs of many students and supports academic success and self-esteem in our students.

Our ACS Enrichment Program is designed to present additional academic challenge and intellectual exercise through problem based projects. All Kindergarten through second grade students receive enrichment in the classroom with a specialist teacher. This teacher also supports classroom teachers in planning differentiated instruction for all students. The program in 3rd through 5th grade attends to students through in-class projects that extend students’ leadership skills, thinking in reading and writing, Science, Art History/Social Studies, and Mathematics / Technology.
Our professional and support staff participate in on-going professional development. Through a partnership with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University, teachers study literacy instruction through lab site classrooms, lesson study, discussion, and reflection. Additionally, teachers are coached in their classrooms through Envision math to build problem solving and independence amongst their students. A staff of lifelong learners, teachers at ACS actively seek professional development workshops and opportunities that meet the needs of their classroom and share information with colleagues in their professional community.

Our T.R.A.C.K. program is unique and recognized as a successful approach to teaching tolerance, respect, attitude (positive and caring), cooperation, and kindness by providing multiple opportunities to acquire the skills for positive human relations. An added component is the Be Your Best: Anti-Bullying Program based on the six essential lessons format advocated by the N.J. Bar Foundation. Throughout the fall and early winter all teachers and students work on developing conflict resolution skills, the importance of delivering “I” messages and other interpersonal skills, which are reinforced throughout the school year. Additionally, the personal growth of every student is addressed in each classroom as part of our socially and culturally responsive balanced literacy program that encourages students to derive life lessons from quality literature.