Lodi School District (03-2740)

Lodi School District

The Lodi School District proudly provides a wide array of programs and services to meet the individual and diverse needs of all students. All seven district schools offer positive student centered learning communities dedicated to preparing all students for success in a global environment.

Over 50% of the students enrolled in the district have a native language other than English. A total of 10% of the students within the district have been formally identified as Limited English Proficient students. The language diversity of our student population continues to provide many opportunities throughout the year for students to expand their knowledge of customs, traditions, and ideas of their native culture and other cultures of the world.

The district has made technology integration into all New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels a priority. SMART boards, Mobile Computer Labs, and Wireless Internet access, enable teachers to prepare students for advanced education while incorporating 21st Century Skills. The media centers in all of our schools are automated, which allow all students to acquire the skills needed to use an online catalog, which they can apply in other public, college, and corporate libraries.

Education in the arts continues to be enhanced by offering a comprehensive general, vocal, and instrumental music program at all school levels. The visual arts program allows students to exhibit their creative abilities in many forms. The numerous assemblies and programs in the elementary schools introduce students to performing on stage. Students are formally introduced to Drama at the middle school level. Students volunteer to demonstrate all of their creative talents by participating in Lodi High School’s Drama Club. The community has recognized and commended the students for outstanding performances of musical productions.

Our educational programs are enhanced by community involvement and support. The Lodi Police Department and the Lodi Drug Alliance provide valuable assistance to the district in the successful implementation of D.A.R.E. programs.

Our successful Family Math program provided parents and children the opportunity to develop problem-solving skills and build an understanding of mathematical concepts with hands-on materials. Parent surveys showed that the parents found the Family Math activities useful at home as they created a family enjoyment of mathematics!

During the school year, the community will have many opportunities to participate in activities sponsored by our schools. We hope you will join us!