Midland Park School District (03-3170)

Midland Park School District

The Midland Park School District has long been recognized for its excellent schools, earning New Jersey Department of Education Best Practices, Star School, and Blue Ribbon awards over the past 20 years. In our schools, academic achievement combines with the development of citizenship, leadership, and character-building skills to form enriching and engaging learning environments. The district is committed to building on its strong foundation of excellence and maintaining its successful programs in athletics, fine and performing arts, character education, and community service.
This year, we continue to focus on program improvements to benefit all students. The full-day kindergarten program provides a strong foundation for our youngest learners and the implementation of a 1:1 technology resource program has expanded to include the provision of Chromebooks for all students in grades 5-12. District curriculum is appropriately aligned with both Common Core State Standards and 21st Century learning initiatives, and instructional and assessment practices are crafted to meet varying learning needs which span the achievement continuum. Midland Park’s Junior/Senior High School was again identified for its noteworthy academic success and has been named to the College Board’s AP Honor Roll. The district is also known for its excellent fine and performing arts programs and was honored by the NAMM Foundation in 2016 as one of the Best Communities for Music Education in the nation for the third consecutive year—a truly significant achievement.
As the district transitions to next generation assessments, it has identified internal protocols for the use of benchmark and formative assessment data in developing instructional practice. This attention to data-driven instruction enables the district’s outstanding corps of administrators and teachers to differentiate instruction individualize goals for all learners. Midland Park is fortunate to benefit from strong community involvement which further enhances the bedrock of its educational programs. The Parent-Teacher Associations, Sports Boosters, Performing Arts Parents Association, Midland Park Public Education Foundation, and other community groups work collaboratively with staff as valued partners in the education process. The philanthropic efforts of this myriad of community volunteers demonstrate ongoing support for schools and district and the wide variety of fundraising conducted has benefited district technology, broadcasting, sports, arts, and academic programs. We remain grateful to the community for its approval of a referendum to remediate identified facility needs and are excited by the ongoing progress seen in all schools.
The Midland Park Board of Education works diligently to fulfill its mission of ensuring schools are well-run and seeks to remain reflective of the community’s goals for the education of its children. In Midland Park, the link between our borough and its schools is powerful and enduring, and we are grateful for the collaborative efforts which have resulted in another enriching year for our students. The district encourages global visitors to its website, which guests will find to be an ongoing interactive forum with up-to-date information about schools and programs, an up-to-date calendar of events, and important information regarding public education in New Jersey.