North Arlington School District (03-3600)

North Arlington School District


The North Arlington School District is a partnership of educators, families, and community members working toward a vision of providing our students with a varied, challenging, and well-rounded program of learning experiences that prepare them to develop academically, aesthetically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Our goal is successful student learning, and we provide a high quality curriculum aligned to the appropriate standards to support this goal. Curriculum is maintained, reviewed, and revised. Support for curriculum development and innovation is provided by total staff participation in cross-curricular articulation meetings held throughout the course of the school year. Our staff is trained in differentiated instruction to flexibly adapt curriculum to individual student differences and learning styles. Our curriculum embraces the use of technology in all content areas, at all grades levels, utilizing technology instructors, computer rooms in all schools, and computers in every classroom.

To ensure that our programs provide the necessary tools for student success, students are evaluated in grades Kindergarten through 11, student performance data are collected, reviewed and analyzed, while findings are utilized to monitor students' strengths and weaknesses to eliminate achievement gaps. The evaluative tool used in grades K-1 is an Individualized Portfolio Assessment. The Teachers College Reading Assessment is given in grades 1-5. Grades K-2 have additional emergent reader assessments. State assessments are given in grades 3-11 (PARCC). Additionally, NJASK Science is administered during grades 4 and 8, while the New Jersey Biology Competency Test (NJBCT) is administered to students enrolled in Biology. The interpretation of these scores allows the schools to address the academic needs of each student and plan instruction accordingly. All students are provided with high quality, comprehensive services to support the achievement of their educational goals.

Our district teachers are life-long learners who work to maximize learning among all students. They are involved in earning additional degrees, certificates, and professional development credits through a variety of quality professional development initiatives. In addition, North Arlington has expanded its leadership in educational reform through extended partnerships with New Jersey City University, Ramapo College and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Our district has been designated by the NJDOE as a “High Performing” school district under NJQSAC, the state's highest designation. Additionally, we are honored to have Roosevelt School named a National Blue Ribbon Award winner.

Ensuring overall school safety and proper learning environments are a priority in the North Arlington School District. Our district is small enough for principals to know every student's name, and our learning environment promotes equity and responsible citizenship. We create safe and healthy schools through this positive learning environment, which is further enhanced by programs and activities that promote healthy life choices. We have installed a state of the art security system throughout our district and have a positive and productive working relationship with North Arlington Police Department.

The goals of the North Arlington School District are met through comprehensive school programs, beginning at the readiness level, that prepare children and parents for children's success in school. We continuously monitor student progress at all grade levels and provide curriculum, instruction, and assessment that support individual differences, aligned with the appropriate standards. We encourage and support continuous learning and professional development for those who serve our students: administrators, teachers, and staff. We involve families and community members as partners in education, and we foster a creative learning environment that is technologically challenging and intellectually and culturally stimulating. We provide a safe and healthy learning experience in a collaborative small school atmosphere and provide programs that not only prepare students for productive careers, but also prepare them to live as responsible citizens in a multicultural society in today's highly technological world.