The Old Tappan School District is a K-8 district that is part of the Northern Valley Regional Consortium of Schools. After eighth grade, our students attend the Northern Valley Regional High School District. We are proud of our outstanding faculty, our enthusiastic learners, and the continued focus on and growth in student achievement. Old Tappan is a forward-thinking school district that incorporates best practices, such as reading and writing workshops, inquiry-based science and social studies, and hands-on mathematics, all within learner-centered classrooms. Our students are exposed to a well-rounded educational program, comprised of the core academic subjects, as well as special area subjects, with an emphasis on the arts.

The faculty in our K-8 schools is highly qualified and pursues ongoing professional development experiences throughout the school year, both on-site and at our nearby Northern Valley Regional Curriculum Center. Through a professional focus of differentiated instruction and an aligned programmatic focus of in-class special education support services and the LEAP program (Learning Enrichment for Advanced Pupils), we strive to meet the needs of children of all abilities. Our LEAP students meet with other gifted and talented students throughout the Northern Valley Region for special projects and competitions.

Students at all grade levels are taught that technology is a set of tools to be learned, as well as a set of tools for learning. There are several computer labs and device carts, along with desktop computers in each classroom and the STEM/STEAM Centers in each school. Students of all ages are utilizing technology to help solve curriculum-based problems and to engage in work that is of interest and importance to them.

Old Tappan proudly acknowledges the role that the community plays in educating our students. The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is supportive of each school’s goals and has been involved in providing many materials and programs to support our students’ learning outcomes, including sponsoring memorable author visits. The PTO has supported the purchase and installation of interactive white boards (SMART Boards) for district classrooms, the purchase and installation of an electronic sign, the purchase of classroom air-conditioning units, the re-surfacing of the elementary school playground, and the renovation of our middle school media center, inclusive of a broadcasting studio. Additionally, parent-volunteers work to bring an appreciation for the fine arts and culture into our elementary and middle school classrooms through curricularly-aligned programs.

For additional information, please visit our website at www.oldtappanschools.org or call the superintendent’s office at 201-664-7231, extension 2502.

Ms. Danielle M. Da Giau
(201) 664-7231