Oradell Public School’s motto says it all: “Our Children, Our Hope, Our Future.” It is the approximately 800 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade that are at the center of every day at OPS. When students move onto the River Dell Regional school district in 7th grade to unite with their peers from River Edge, our goal is to send students who exhibit the 21st century skills of clear communication, effective collaboration, efficient technology usage and flexible thinking.

To meet these goals, Oradell Public School students receive multiple periods of literacy instruction each day that focus on meeting the expectations set forth by the Common Core State Standards. The reading block allows for students to develop reading skills and strategies that will help them navigate the increasing amounts of text around them. The writing workshop block pushes students to express themselves clearly and to take their ideas through the writing process; and the third literacy block allows students to develop the grammar, spelling and vocabulary skills necessary to be clear communicators.

Oradell Public School continues to work to balance conceptual understanding and skill development to ensure that students receive a common core aligned mathematics program. In Kindergarten through 5th Grade, the Go Math! resource weaves technology and differentiation in each lesson. The Connected Math III program, which is implemented in Grade 6, builds upon the core knowledge students have gained in earlier years and prepares students for the type of work that will be expected of them at River Dell Middle School.

Our science program involves students in meaningful, hands-on science activities. In September of 2011, a new science lab was opened and allows teachers to work with a science specialist in an appropriate elementary lab setting. Students work cooperatively to develop hypotheses, gather information and discover answers to key questions under the guidance of their teacher while utilizing age-appropriate materials. During the 2016-2017 school year, 6th grade students will be working with a new science curriculum and a new science resource, STEMscopes.

Oradell Public School benefits from high levels of parental involvement. Multiple parent academies are presented each year to help bridge home and school and keep parents as partners with regards to the academic and social growth of our students. Our Parent Teacher Association is the oldest and largest P.T.A in Bergen County. The P.T.A. provides cultural arts programs, offers mini-grants to enrich our school programs. Book fairs, Reading Is Fundamental (R.I.F.), Family Nights, Book Clubs, School Pictures, and Staff Appreciation activities, are all a reflection of the P.T.A.'s commitment. It is noteworthy that our P.T.A. has received several awards over the years for its work including the prestigious Education Excellence Award from the New Jersey P.T.A.

Oradell Public School is a school community where all stakeholders are committed to doing what is best for our students. Professional development, extracurricular activities, technological upgrades and curricular decisions are always focused on doing what is best for our children because they are our hope and our future.