Palisades Park School District (03-3910)

Palisades Park School District

Welcome to the Palisades Park 2016 School Performance Report. As you review this important data, I hope you’ll note that the Palisades Park School District has made great progress in terms of preparing our students for the rigors of college and careers in the 21st Century.

In fact, in addition to showing improvement in key areas documented here, Palisades Park Jr./Sr High School has climbed dramatically on the New Jersey Monthly Magazine’s List of New Jersey Top High Schools. The Palisades Park Jr./Sr High School moved-up an impressive 118 spots from being listed as # 246 in 2014 to # 128 in 2016. Climbing over 100 places in the ranking, in such a short period, demonstrates that we are making significant gains in preparing our future graduates for college and careers for tomorrow.

According to New Jersey Monthly Magazine, rankings are based entirely on data published in the School Performance Reports. Our report documents that the percent of Palisades Park students participating in more than one AP/IB exam exceeds the percent of their District Factor Group peers and the state average with 34.7% of Palisades Park Jr./Sr. High School students participating compared to 24.8% of peers and 30.7% of students statewide.

Another factor considered to determine the rankings is the percent of students scoring 3 or higher on AP Exams or 4 or higher on IB Exams. For example, 75 % of Palisades Park students scored 3 or 4 or higher on exams in English, Math, Social Students and Science compared to only 58% in their peer group and 69.7% statewide.

At the same time, Lindbergh Elementary School students are meeting or exceeding state expectations in English Language Arts and Math on PARCC and are showing improvement each year. At the same time, our exceptional staff in Charles R. Smith Early Learning Center is striving to ensure that all children move-on with a solid foundation and passion for education to become lifelong learners.

We could never be as successful without you—our students’ first and most important teachers. Thank you for your partnership and support.