Paramus Public School District (03-3930)

Paramus Public School District

I am pleased to present you with the results of the New Jersey State Report Card as completed by the Department of Education. It contains statistics on student performance, monetary expenditures, demographics, and other quantified information which indicate educational quality and organizational efficiency. The Paramus School District has been recognized for educational excellence by several New Jersey Education Commissioners and by the United States Department of Education's Blue Ribbon Panel. Paramus students consistently perform above national, state, and DFG comparisons. Over the past several years, Paramus has been the recipient of multiple awards from the United States Department of Education. Paramus is regularly named one of the "Best Communities for Music Education in America" by the National Association of Music Merchants. Recently, Paramus High School was named as a "Model School for Arts Education" for 2013-2016. Supporting these awards for excellence, the New Jersey State Report Card favorably compares our schools to schools throughout the state.


- Standardized test scores in all grades are consistently higher than state and national averages.
- Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores are also higher than the state and national averages.
- A significant number of students are involved in many Advanced Placement courses and score at levels meriting potential college credit.
- Paramus High School graduates are routinely accepted at tier 1 colleges, universities, and the service academies.
- Our district has a 98% high school graduation rate.
- Approximately 92.8% of our students are involved in post-secondary education.
- Student attendance is excellent.
- The district offers a wide range of academic and co-curricular programs that meet the diverse needs of youngsters during and after the school day.


- The educational level of staff members is impressive - with 65% of the staff holding advanced degrees.
- Staff attendance is substantially above the state average.


The cost of instruction and student services is slightly higher than the state average, while the provisions for administration and cost of school operations are generally consistent with the state average. The district has a proactive long-range facility maintenance plan, which enables ongoing preventative maintenance to its buildings.

Our success is the result of a team effort between the Board of Education, faculty, administration, staff, parents, and community. We could not have achieved this high level of results without parent involvement and support. Thank you for being active participants in our schools and helping our children obtain the quality education they deserve.