River Dell Regional School District (03-4405)

River Dell Regional School District

The River Dell Regional School District continues to offer diverse programs that meet the academic, artistic and athletic needs of our constituents. Our students benefit from an educational complex that is the envy of the county. The River Dell Board of Education invites all residents to take full advantage of the state-of-the-art facilities available to them.

The Board of Education continues to confront the emerging needs of our students. They must be prepared to work in industries that were not even thought of ten years ago. They must be able to think, write and communicate in a coherent, concise fashion. Every effort to revise our programs and curriculum is informed by this notion. However, the Board of Education struggles with providing the educational opportunities the community expects within an affordable framework.

To that end, the Board adopted three 3-year goals to guide the district. I am confident that by focusing on these goals, River Dell will continue to excel as a school district. The goals are listed below:

GOAL I: By June 2018, ninety percent of the students who graduate from River Dell High School will have a transcript that reflects that they exceed the minimum number of credits needed for graduation.

GOAL II: By June 2018, twenty percent of every student's overall grade will consist of instructional practices that measure the social and emotional skills necessary to participate in post-secondary experience (college or career).

GOAL III: By June 2018, eighty percent of the graduating students will consider their overall school experience as favorable due to their engagement in a challenging curriculum and active, student-centered lessons.

Our students are responding to the challenge. Our performance on state tests continues to improve and our average score on assessments, such as the SAT or ACT, allow our students to attend many of the most elite colleges and universities. This is occurring because of a dedicated staff, a supportive community, engaged parents and motivated students. Our goal at River Dell is to help every student live up to their potential while providing a comprehensive secondary experience where all children are treated with dignity and respect.

The Board of Education encourages regular visits to our website at www.riverdell.org. Any Oradell or River Edge community member may access the middle and high school websites as well as other important links from our main district page. Please visit often as the content is updated frequently.