River Vale Public School District (03-4430)

River Vale Public School District

The River Vale Public School District has a well-deserved reputation for preparing students for success in high school, college, and beyond. The Board of Education and staff, along with parents and community members are committed to afford each and every student the opportunity to learn, achieve success, and become confident, productive, contributing, technologically literate members of society.

River Vale’s students are educated in the district’s two K-5 elementary schools, Roberge and Woodside, and Holdrum Middle School, which is home to grades 6-8.

The facts speak for themselves. For example:
- The standardized test scores of our students exceed the state averages and often those of our District Factor Group.
- Our 21st Century learning initiative continues to be a priority as we examine instructional programming that brings out the best in our students.
- Administrators and teachers consistently work to update district curriculum and develop programs to remain on the cutting edge of educational issues.
- Staff development and support is extensive and on-going throughout the school year.
- A majority of our professional staff hold or are pursuing graduate degrees.
- Our local district schools boast a level of technology available to students that is comparable to or better than any school district in the county or state.

Upon graduation, the vast majority of students enrolled at Pascack Valley High School, a comprehensive high school offering an outstanding array of programs and courses. Together, River Vale and the Pascack Valley Regional District deliver educational programs of the highest quality.

These successes have been the result of a wonderful collaboration between the Board of Education, faculty, administrators, parents, and support staff. Our schools have a strong and supportive PTA and active Educational Fund that enhance the mission of our district. We could not have attained this high level of achievement without the involvement of our parents and community residents.

Thank you, River Vale!