Rutherford School District (03-4600)

Rutherford School District

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rutherford Public Schools, an increasingly diverse community, is to offer a challenging, multifaceted learning environment for students of all abilities in order to foster their personal, academic, cultural, and civic growth as a foundation for becoming productive and responsible members of society.

Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Rutherfordians are proud of their town and their schools. Those who live here and those who visit can sense this spirit. Students appreciate their heritage. Based on a solid foundation from the past, the schools challenge their talented, active students to high levels of achievement.

Located about ten miles west of New York City, Rutherford is a primarily residential community with all of the benefits of close proximity to the city. Many of the 2500 students come from families who have lived in town for generations, while increasing numbers of ethnically and racially diverse newcomers are joining them. Although Rutherford is a middle-income district, student achievement ranks the schools in the same bracket as schools serving higher socioeconomic populations.

The Rutherford Public Schools offers a half-day preschool program for three-year-olds and four-year-olds and full-day kindergarten. Students in grades K-3 enjoy instruction from specialists in world languages and science. The reorganization of Pierrepont School into an upper elementary school for grades 4-6 and Union School into a middle school for grades 7-8 has allowed for increased opportunities for art and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) offerings at those levels. Internet access is available in all classrooms. Younger students enjoy the benefits of an instrumental music program and a Gifted and Talented Program. Programs for special needs students have also expanded in the district.

Rutherford High School, which has received the prestigious National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award, offers a comprehensive technology program, a state of the art STEM lab, outstanding programs in the arts, instruction in a T.V. studio, a multimedia lab, and a highly competitive interscholastic athletics program.

A highly qualified administrative and teaching staff, active and concerned parents, a caring community, and dedicated Board of Education work together to support a school system that is committed to excellence.