South Hackensack School District (03-4870)

South Hackensack School District

Report Card Narrative
2016-2017 School Year

Dear Parents,

Today’s public schools are now more than ever challenged to provide our children with a quality education so that they can lead successful lives in an increasingly complex, competitive and changing world. This annual school report card was designed by the State Department of Education to help you better understand how our school district is meeting this challenge. While this report card provides a snapshot of our district in numbers and charts, it does not describe important qualities such as curriculum offerings, teacher-student relationships, extra-curricular opportunities, learning climate, parental participation and community involvement; nor does it fully capture the commitment and dedication of the members of our Board of Education, teachers and staff. This combined with parents, who take an active role in the education of their children, has made Memorial a school in which our community can be truly proud. It is with this in mind that I will describe some of the programs and services that make our school so very special.

In our efforts to help equip our students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to be a successful participant and contributor in the world in which they live and will live, our school offers opportunities such as the following: full day Pre-Kindergarten, full day kindergarten, computer/keyboarding for grades K to 8, world language (grades K to 8), before/after school research and computer program (grades 6 to 8), English Language Services, remedial mathematics and language arts, Pre-Algebra and Algebra I, advanced reading, STEAM program (grades PK-8), Extended Curriculum Services Program (grades 2-8), cultural arts programs, gifted/talented program, student council, safety patrol, Speech/Language services, intervention and referral committee, after school program, summer enrichment school, summer remedial school, summer recreational program, interscholastic sports, school dances, special education, preschool handicapped program, resource room, field trips, holiday celebrations with the community, science, health and safety fair, art show, participation in county/state academic contests. Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed on the following: foundational skills in reading, writing and mathematics; problem solving and reasoning; technological literacy; analytical skills; independent learning; flexibility in thought; creativity; multi-cultural awareness; thinking, speaking and writing logically. The technology infrastructure and the interactive white boards, which are installed in every classroom, have provided our teachers with effective resources for presenting their lessons. They have also given our teachers and students access to the seemingly limitless resources.

As one walks the halls of our school, one would only have to pause and hear the sounds of teachers teaching and students learning. Echoing from the classrooms will be the sounds of children reading novels; actively engaged in hands-on experiments in science; analyzing problem-solving techniques and strategies in mathematics; working cooperatively on social studies projects; developing their creative writing skills; exploring and utilizing resources of the internet; enjoying the play and challenges of developing a sound mind in a sound body; and expressing themselves artistically and musically.

The aforementioned programs and services along with the way they are delivered have opened the doors for our students to take advantage of advanced educational opportunities in high school. Our graduating eighth grade students have qualified for honors/accelerated courses at Hackensack High School. Some of these courses include the following: Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Accelerated Algebra I, Algebra I, Honors Spanish II, Spanish II, Honors Biology and Honors English I.

The New Jersey Department of Education has established important initiatives in the areas of curriculum and assessment. Core Content proficiencies have been developed in several curriculum areas. Statewide testing has occurred in grades 3 thru 8 and high school. In 2014-2015, the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) replaced the existing statewide assessments for English Language Arts and Mathematics, the NJASK, in grades 3 thru 8 and HSPA in high school. The NJASK science assessment is still given to grades 4 and 8. The PARCC is aligned to the common core curriculum standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Please feel free to call me after reading this report card if you have any questions regarding curriculum or testing initiatives by the State Department of Education.

As our society becomes more complex and greater demands are placed on our students, we will be asked to grow as a school. Through the years, your support for our school and the children it serves has been boundless. There is no doubt that it will again be needed as we strive to meet the challenges that lay ahead, and as we continue to provide our students with an environment that is conducive to the education they need and deserve.

We look forward to your participation, contributions and support as we work for the successful achievement of your children’s education.

Best wishes,