Waldwick School District (03-5410)

Waldwick School District

The Waldwick Public School district is committed to providing a comprehensive education for all students. While striving for academic excellence in all of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content areas and the National Common Core Curricular areas, the district is also dedicated to the education of the whole student by promoting character education and good citizenship. To assist in this goal, district professionals strive to strengthen partnerships with parents and the community. Guidance counselors, educators of both gifted and special needs students, and the members of the Child Study Team provide support services to students at all grade levels.

The district continues to invest in high-quality, job-embedded professional development to keep educators current on educational research and related strategies. The Waldwick Professional Development Academy, overseen by the district Professional Development Committee, offers after-school courses to educators that reflect areas of stated interest or need as revealed in faculty surveys or by the district administration.

The two district elementary schools utilize age-appropriate approaches and set high expectations for student achievement and growth. A special emphasis is placed on literacy and numeracy as well as the use of an interdisciplinary approach to curriculum. Faculty members at both schools strive to engage students in the exploration of concepts as they develop students’ abilities to think critically and creatively. In addition, the instructional program is designed to prepare students to be productive, contributing members of their community and the broader nation by emphasizing good citizenship.

The organization and structure of the Waldwick Middle School is based on a child-centered philosophy. Staff members utilize instructional methods most suitable for early adolescents and they place an emphasis upon the individual student’s academic, personal, and social growth. Teachers are members of grade-level academic teams representing the content areas of math, science, social studies, reading, and language arts. Furthermore, health and physical education are offered and students are provided with a broad, exploratory program in world language, technology, family and consumer science, fine arts, music, and library/media skills. A research initiative was added this school year and an extensive character education program is in place that focuses on a different core value each month and community service.

Waldwick High School provides a comprehensive instructional program that prepares students for college and/or employment while addressing state requirements in all nine of the Core Curriculum areas. All students are assigned an individual chromebook, creating a collaborative and creative 1 to 1 learning environment. Additionally, a full range of elective courses that reflect student interests are available to students. Freshman Seminar, entitled Blueprint, has been added to the macro-curriculum. This interdisciplinary course provides students with a variety of important skills to help them to be successful at the high school level and beyond. Honors courses and ten Advanced Placement (college-level) courses are offered to provide more challenging in-depth study to those students whose educational needs require a more rigorous curriculum. The Waldwick High School has been named by the College Board to the Advanced Placement Honor Roll for expanding opportunity and improving performance for Advanced Placement Students. 21st Century skills in technology, high-level thinking, and work-place readiness are incorporated into the curriculum at all levels. A greater emphasis on research has recently been added to many of the curricular areas. To further address the needs of the whole student, a wide range of athletic and extracurricular offerings are provided.

The Waldwick School District continues to engage in reflective practice to assess progress on existing initiatives and to anticipate future programs and innovations. The district remains committed to providing an excellent educational program for every student.