Wallington Boro School District (03-5430)

Wallington Boro School District


The Wallington Public School District educates 1,289in-district students, and an additional 47 in out-of-district special services placements - for a total of 1336 students.. There are three schools in the district; Frank W. Gavlak Elementary School (K – 6), Jefferson Annex Elementary School (K – 3) and Wallington Jr./Sr. High School (7 – 12). The elementary program includes four full-day kindergartens. A new district website, www.wboe.org, was added in 2016 and it provides insight into the programs offered in our district, including upcoming activities, personnel, vacancies, district news, policies, board of education information, a full-year calendar, co-curricular activities, “Panther Pride” items, etc. It provides parents with the opportunity to communicate with our professional staff at any time, and to access their child(ren)’s academic records. Parent contact is also encouraged through Parent Advisory Councils for Basic Skills Instruction, Special Education, Bilingual/ESL, Athletics, Media Centers, Health, Meal Services, Technology, and the Municipal Alliance Committee to Prevent Drug & Alcohol Abuse. The secondary and elementary schools have full time guidance staffs and a Student Assistance Counselor is available for non-academic issues in all schools.

The K – 12 curriculum is built around three grade level components, K-4, 5-8 and 9-12, each designed to provide a productive, coordinated scope and sequence of instruction that addresses the Common Core State Standards, the N.J. State Assessment Tests (PARCC), state and local graduation requirements, and individual student needs. The district’s scope and sequence of the district’s K-12 curriculum is coordinated through a procedure called “mapping”. This ensures that the instructional program is integrated and sequential. As a full-service educational system, we provide programs for students with learning disabilities, limited English proficiency and supplemental instructional needs, in addition to those who have been identified as “Gifted & Talented.” College level courses are available in the high school through Advanced Placement courses and a Middle College Program providing college credit through the successful completion of high school courses offered in cooperation with Fairleigh Dickinson University.

State Assessment Tests in the district compare very favorably to State means and those of other districts with a “B” level District Factor Group (DFG) rating. This is the second lowest socio-economic rating in the A – J DFG scale established by the N.J. Department of Education. In addition to overcoming the factors associated with the low DFG rating, the district has successfully dealt with an exceedingly large ESL/bilingual student population. Polish is the primary language spoken in over forty (40%) percent of our students’ homes. Providing a quality education, including an expeditious transition into our culture and effective communication skills, for all of our limited-English speaking students is a district priority. We are proud to be able to cite former students who had been in the country for only a few years as our valedictorians, salutatorians, and attendees as prestigious colleges and universities. Wallington High School is one of only a few secondary schools in NJ that has active Academic Hall of Fame honoring former graduates in a manner similar to an Athletic Hall of Fame.

District facilities are aged, but well kept. Security is a priority. Wallington Public School Students adhere to a uniform dress code in all buildings to enhance safety. Each school has a restricted “buzzer” entry system with video access to the entrance, and video surveillance of the adjacent grounds. Major projects recently completed the addition of fire rated doors at Wallington HS and Gavlak School, New Windows at Wallington High School, and a new roof at Wallington High School. Additionally, safety improvements that have been added since the 2016 school year include a new enclosed fire escape at the high school as well as structural improvements to the high school gymnasium truss roof.

The district is planning to seek approval and funding for the replacement of the Jefferson Elementary School which was built in 1914. The facility is now empty as the students were relocated to the former MSH school, and the administrative offices are now located in modular office suites on campus.

The district, in cooperation with the Meadowlands Environmental Center, has recently added STEM opportunities in all grade levels twice each year. Students will participate in interactive STEM labs off campus by grade level or course content area. We have added these programs to our already existing program with the South Bergen Jointure Commission to provide a well-rounded STEM experience for all of our students.

In the area of technology additional computer labs are available in the secondary school, infrastructure has been enhanced in all buildings with the recent addition of WiFi, all media centers have newer circulation programming, wireless opportunities increased, Smart Boards purchased for each elementary school media center, and fiber optic connectivity of the three district school buildings is in place. The district now has 24 functioning interactive white board/Smart board systems for teacher and student use in grades K – 12. Although the district has one of the lowest per pupil costs in Bergen County, and the State of New Jersey, its programs are successful because of thoughtful planning and implementation.

In Wallington we have a simple statement that provides the theme for our program. That is: “There is Power in Pride.”