At Beverly City School, we provide a safe and productive learning environment that assures the academic and social development of each child. We are committed to inspiring students to achieve the highest standards through our engaging and comprehensive academic programs. Learning at Beverly City School is student-centered, therefore, students often participate in work stations, conduct experiments, or cooperatively work with others on inquiry-based projects.

Technology empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning. At Beverly City School, we take pride in utilizing many technological resources to enrich our teaching and learning. We use interactive Smartboards in most of our classrooms, which integrates technology into all subject areas. The students use laptops, Chromebooks, and our computer lab located in our Media Center, which enhances their reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Our twenty-first century Media Center will offer many opportunities for the students to demonstrate their learning on computers.

We provide an environment in which every child is respected and is given the opportunity to develop character, attitudes, and values. Our character education program continues to educate our students on the six pillars of character. We encourage them to become productive citizens in our growing community by making thoughtful decisions and solving problems collaboratively. The students are recognized for demonstrating positive behaviors and for being “upstander” against bullying. During the year, the students at Beverly City School display leadership by participating and providing suggestions through student council.

Together with the help of the entire learning community, Beverly City School continues to provide a nurturing learning environment where academic and personal excellence can be achieved. Our goal is for our students to be lifelong learners who will make valuable contributions to our society.