Burlington City Public School District (05-0600)

Burlington City Public School District

The City of Burlington Public School District includes Elias Boudinot School (Kindergarten to Grade 2); Captain James Lawrence School (Preschool to Grade 2); Wilbur Watts Intermediate School (Grade 3 to Grade 6); and Burlington City High School (Grade 7 to Grade 12). Our total student enrollment of approximately 1,700 students includes students age three through Grade 12.

Included in the enrollment at Burlington City High School are students from Edgewater Park School District. The City of Burlington Public School District has a “receiving” relationship with the Edgewater Park School District, which has been sending students in Grades 9 to Grade 12 since the 1930’s.

The City of Burlington School District has an exceptional early childhood education program and is proud to offer residents of the community access to a high quality full day program for three and four year old residents at a 12 classroom Early Childhood Center at Samuel Smith School and three classrooms at Captain James Lawrence School. Likewise, the full day kindergarten program provides a strong foundation for student academic growth.

As can be seen in the individual school report cards, there are numerous indicators of the emphasis on student achievement and student success in the City of Burlington Public School District.

1. Student attendance rates, as indicated by the Average Daily Attendance Rate of 94.25% for the 2015-2016 school year, are strong.

2. Academic growth was clearly demonstrated on the 2016 Spring PARCC results. In the subject area of English Language Arts/Literacy, the average grade level growth of the percent of students Level 4 or greater was 2.6%. In Mathematics, the average growth in all tested grades and courses was 3.5%.

3. Likewise, the preliminary 2016 four year cohort graduation grade increased significantly over 2015.

The District hosts an Adult Education Program to support its commitment to lifelong learning. Likewise, the District supports and encourages professional development for the staff with district-wide and embedded programs and continuation of formal education and degree advancement.

The City of Burlington Public School District continuously analyzes student academic and social development progress. State and national assessment results are shared with students, staff, and the community. Programs are revised to meet the changing needs of the students, the advancement of the standards, and changing world of technology.

The District continues to aggressively pursue grant opportunities to extend the educational programs and supports offered to students. Grants are obtained through state, federal, and private funding.