Burlington Township Schools believes in "All Students Achieving" through providing the best programs, the safest schools in coordination with a highly engaged community to operate the most effective and efficient district. It is the Mission of the Burlington Township School District to develop the intellectual, creative, and social potential of each child through an active partnership with all members of the community. To that end, the District annually sets goals to promote the achievement of all students. The goals are set at the district level and are supported by the goals of the board, administration and staff.

The district strives to continually assess the status of our mission and goals always looking for potential improvements. The Board commissioned a comprehensive review programming. The district will use the information from this review for several years to refine practices.

The district offers a wide variety of programs and services to all students to help them achieve. The district provides a full-day kindergarten program, a Gifted and Talented Program, an Academic Achievement Program for children in need of academic support, and an ELL program. Enrichment and remedial programs are available to students in extended day and extended year programs.

An array of services for students with special educational needs is provided in all grades including preschool and kindergarten. Guidance and counseling services are provided in all grades. The district implements a comprehensive curriculum in all grades. Computer technology is introduced at the lowest elementary grades. A wide variety of co- and extra-curricular activities are available to provide students with a rich schooling experience.

The district provides various technology including multiple labs, classroom sets of mobile devices, document cameras and a wireless environment to allow students to become proficient in the tools used in today's industries.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to become actively involved in their children's education. The District communicates with parents regularly through various print, electronic media, social media and text messages, and provides opportunities for small and large group conversations regarding a multitude of issues through our Falcon Parent University series. The district offers a comprehensive Family Learning Series that provides families an opportunity to learn together, while strengthening the home-school relationships.