Cinnaminson Public Schools have a long and rich history in providing quality programs for township students. Years of community support have resulted in the offering of instructional, extra-curricular and athletic programs that are second to none. We take great pride in being described, per one regional newspaper, as Burlington County’s “best kept secret.”

Cinnaminson Schools are organized to facilitate the offering of educational programs that meet the unique needs of our students. Each school “level” - K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 - has effective and successful instructional experiences in place to assure every opportunity for our young people not only to master but to excel in their school years. As a result test scores, graduation rate and university/college acceptances far exceed other districts in our socio-economic categorization.

It should be noted that Cinnaminson’s programs for Gifted and Special Education students have a significant reputation across the Delaware Valley Region.

Cinnaminson Schools offer a varied program of extra-curricular activities and athletic teams. It may sound trite but whether K-2 or 9-12, there is something for everyone in our schools. Approximately forty (40) percent of our students take advantage of the myriad of opportunities that are available. Our young people represent Cinnaminson Schools with great pride which, in turn, is reflected in years of outstanding achievement.

Cinnaminson Schools’ staff has proven to be dedicated and caring professionals whose positive impact on students is well documented. Our school district takes pride in years of excellent working Board - Administration - Staff relations. Over the years these relations have been built upon a base of trust, respect and the sharing of mutual goals and objectives. Members of the Board of Education, Administration and Cinnaminson Education Association recognize the importance of “peace” in building and maintaining a quality school system.

Recognizing the need for enhanced safety and security in district schools, Cinnaminson residents in September 2014, approved a far reaching referendum. In addition to new lobby entrances at each school, the funds were made available for the upgrading, expansion and meeting of ADA requirements for Cinnaminson High School. A multi-million dollar physical education complex was also approved by township voters. This positive vote is indicative of the support in our community for schools that are safe, efficient and environmentally supportive of the instructional program.

It should be obvious from the above that, while cognizant of our traditions, we in Cinnaminson are boldly moving ahead with confidence in our purpose and with certainty of our continued success.

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