Delanco Township School District (05-1030)

Delanco Township School District


Delanco Township is a close-knit community along the Delaware River in Burlington County. Its strength is in its people: the students, the parents, and the staff members. Students are enthusiastic about learning, parents are supportive and involved, and staff members work diligently to meet their goals.

In addition, the Delanco Township School District takes pride in the positive and productive teamwork that takes place among all community stakeholders, including members of the Delanco Board of Education, the Township Committee, the Police Department, and the Fire Department.

In recent years, Delanco has experienced vast improvements in its curricular programs and its technology. For example, programs in Mathematics and English Language Arts are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and students are given opportunities to prepare for the PARCC test. In addition, the district's technology has been improved through refurbished computer labs, wireless Internet available in all areas of the schools, and SMART Boards in all classrooms. Improvements in these key areas of curriculum and technology will assist the Delanco Township School District in achieving our mission to provide a thorough and efficient education to all students in Grades K through 8.

As you will read in the school narratives, there are many excellent programs and events in the Delanco Township School District that assist us in fulfilling our mission.

For further information about Delanco, please contact the Superintendent.