Delran Township School District (05-1060)

Delran Township School District

The Delran Township Public Schools, in partnership with the home and community, are committed to providing 3,100 students with the skills necessary to lead productive, responsible, and successful lives in the future. As such, we constantly strive to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students, expand a quality educational program that is both relevant and appropriate for students, further the potential of every student, provide for the professional needs of a highly qualified staff, and do our part to improve the quality of life in the entire Delran Community.

Schools in our district continue to establish annual student performance goals. This year, goals were established to develop and/or improve curricular rigor and relevance, school climate, and professional learning communities, as well as in curricular areas of mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science educational programs in the respective schools. The progress measures for each of the goals are examined quarterly as we measure the output of our programs relative to the progress of our students and their corresponding academic growth.

Curriculum is evaluated and assessed on a five-year cycle in accordance with the district’s planning model. Considerable emphasis has been placed on the K-12 articulation of all curricular areas, Understanding by Design, differentiated instruction, interdisciplinary instruction, rigor and relevance, and the integration of technology into the teaching-learning process. All curricula has been written in order to ensure that students demonstrate academic growth each academic year.

Delran Township invests heavily in programs in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. The STEAM Up Summer Camp allows students in grades three, four and five to have opportunities to be immersed in higher order academic programming. Additionally, each school in Delran has an engineering program and curriculum. Lastly, the district has corporate partners with Public Service Electric and Gas, the Overdeck Foundation, The Teaching Institute for the Excellence in STEM, Princeton University, University of Kentucky, Rider University, Rowan College, Radwell International, Princetel, Lockheed Martin and the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission that support our interests in developing college and career preparedness programs.

The District is also deeply rooted in sustainable practices as well. Two of our four schools are certified by Sustainable Jersey. Additionally, the Board of Education has an energy savings improvement program whereupon solar fields are being installed at all four schools and the building envelope is in the process of enhancements along with new LED lighting fixtures.

Our professional development activities are comprehensive, attesting to the district’s commitment to meeting different interests and merging these interests with the needs of students. District in-service days and embedded professional development periods and days are used to address specific grade level and curricular needs at the schools.

Delran residents and district stakeholders are proud of their educational system and programs. Our pledge is to continue to develop, implement, evaluate, and improve the quality of programs that we offer to our students.