Evesham Township School District (05-1420)

Evesham Township School District

The Evesham Township School District (ETSD) is one of the largest K-8 districts in southern New Jersey. In addition we offer preschool inclusion and disabled classes. There are currently seven elementary and two middle schools housed in eight school buildings. The district also includes an administration building, located in the original elementary school built in the 1800’s, an operations building and a transportation facility.

ETSD’s mission is to promote excellence in an environment that engages students in meaningful learning experiences. In partnership with students, staff, families and community, the district provides a strong educational foundation in a caring and supportive setting. In-district enrollment as of June 2016 was 4,481 students with a staff of approximately 900 to provide an extensive range of educational and support services.

The schools in Evesham Township offer state of the art programs and facilities. There is a wide range of outstanding curricular and extra-curricular opportunities designed to meet the diverse needs of all students. The community is very supportive of the district and works closely with the schools to enhance the educational experiences provided for the students. Each school has an active PTA/PTO, enthusiastic teaching staff and dedicated support staff.

The Evesham Township School District modifies instruction on an ongoing basis in an effort to ensure that all students reach their unique potential. Each curriculum area incorporates best practice in the field of education and is aligned to the state’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. As each subject area of the curriculum is revised, the content standards of that subject as well as technology and 21st century life and career skills are integrated into the curriculum. Grade level standards and expectations are then developed to reflect the scope and sequence of the continuous progress indicators embedded in each standard. Additionally, grade level and subject area articulation meetings are held across the district to review and discuss curricular objectives and their correlation to these standards. An extensive district-wide professional development program is offered throughout the school year and summer months in order to assist teachers with refining instructional strategies for implementing the standards.

The district is very proud of the students it serves and the dedicated faculty who guide the children toward excellence in education.