Florence Township School District (05-1520)

Florence Township School District

The Florence Township School District believes that all children can learn, and seeks to maximize each student's capacity. We strive to develop a community of life-long learners who celebrate diversity and are prepared to meet the challenges of a global community.

The Florence Township School District strives to offer a well-rounded education to all of our students. The strong academic emphasis begins as the foundation, and is created at our Roebling Elementary School. This focus of reading/language literacy and math continues through all elementary grades. As students transition up to the Riverfront School (grades 4-8) and to the Florence Memorial High School, a variety of academic offerings, including honors and advanced placement classes are available. The District is committed to establishing appropriate supplemental education programs for identified students who need additional support.

From preschool to twelfth grade, the students in the Florence Township School District are exposed to the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Content Common Core Standards through differentiated instruction and innovative teaching strategies. To further enhance 21st century skills, the Florence Township School District provides 1:1 Chromebooks for all students in grades 3-12. Highly qualified professional educators provide a strong educational foundation upon which each child can build his or her future for what lies beyond high school and in a global community.

All students are provided with a varied and rewarding integrated arts program beginning in the elementary school and continuing through high school; students may take part in programs focusing on athletics, music, art, foreign language, drama, technology, library activities, etc. A strong emphasis in non-bullying events and character education programs is simultaneously woven throughout all programs and grade levels.

Our Board of Education members work tirelessly to ensure the best possible educational program for our students. The District annually sets goals to promote the achievement of all students through various instructional programs and practices, a safe and secure environment, a community involved in meaningful ways, and effective and efficient management and operations.

We are very proud of our students, staff and schools. Parents and guardians are encouraged to become actively involved in their children's education. We will continue to work together to provide our students with the very best educational programs possible.