Lumberton Township Board of Education (05-2850)

Lumberton Township Board of Education

In the Lumberton School District, all stakeholders work together toward continuous improvement in order to provide the best possible education to all students. Curriculum is regularly updated to align to the current standards and integrate research-based, differentiated instruction to meet our students’ varied needs. Through the reading and writing workshop model, students receive rigorous, targeted instruction that meets each student where he/she is and moves that student forward. Our recently adopted elementary math curriculum focuses on rigor, concept building, reasoning, and application and has yielded impressive results. In response to the new science standards, Lumberton is implementing a digital program that takes advantage of our one-to-one Chromebook environment in grades 7 and 8. Teachers involve students in observing phenomena, posing their own questions, and designing and conducting investigations to obtain the answers to those questions. We are excited about its strong linkage to the standards and it potential to develop scientific thinking as well as key concepts. The district continues to focus on use of student learning data to plan responsive instruction and to monitor student progress. Based on progress data, students at various levels of achievement benefit from school programs that provide additional support and challenge as needed.

Our district benefits from a high degree of collaboration among our educators, enabling us to draw upon collective expertise and experiences to continually lift the level of teaching and achieve consistency in instruction across classrooms, grade levels, and school buildings. This has been achieved in part through the efforts of our district-wide teacher leader teams focused on Literacy, Math, and Science. We strive to provide our staff members with job-embedded, collaborative opportunities to grow together as educators. Many of our faculty members also share their expertise with their colleagues by offering in-district courses after school hours. The professionalism and quality of our staff is one of our greatest assets.

The Lumberton School District has forged partnerships with several institutions of higher learning and independent educational organizations. Our teachers attend Summer Reading and Writing Institutes at Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Progam, and their staff developers also work with Lumberton teachers in our schools. In Math our teacher Leadership Team has benefited from guidance provided by a coach affiliated with Student Achievement Partners. The Lumberton district is also a member of the New Jersey Network to Close the Achievement Gap, hosted at Rowan University. Finally, our district is the recipient of a grant that enables the members of our Science Leadership Team to join colleagues from around New Jersey in studying the Next Generation Science Standards with a group of professionals at Rider University.

Technology integration is an area that was highlighted in the district’s strategic planning process, which involved stakeholders from the schools and the community. In response, a specialized teacher was added to provide technology instruction in our primary school. The implementation of a one-to-one initiative in grades five, seven and eight has enabled teachers to make learning more interactive, engaging, and student-driven. Across the district, each faculty member has set a personal goal for innovative technology use in his or her classroom, and the district is planning differentiated professional development to support each teacher in reaching that goal.

Another key factor in our district’s success is the involvement of the community. Our Board of Education recognizes students for both improvement and achievement at their monthly meetings, creating a visible connection for the members between their work and student learning. Our PTA provides vital support though their financial contributions and assistance with programs that recognize student achievement in academics, the arts, and character development. Developing a strong partnership with parents is a priority in our schools. Another initiative that arose from the strategic plan was a redesign of the district’s web site with the goal of further improving communication between school and home.

Over the years, we have been the recipient of ten New Jersey Department of Education Best Practice Awards, and the Lumberton Middle School is a state-recognized Star School. The Lumberton School District has many points of pride, but that does not mean we have stopped growing. As a team of stakeholders with a shared vision for student achievement, we celebrate our achievements while continually setting goals to reach greater heights.