Medford Township School District (05-3080)

Medford Township School District

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s)/Community Members:

The Medford Township Public Schools, in partnership with the community, strives to provide a comprehensive educational experience which will prepare students to become successful and responsible citizens in a democratic society. High expectations and a multitude of engaging activities allow our students to excel. We are committed to maximizing student achievement utilizing the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, emphasizing inquiry, critical thinking, and valuing high academic standards. By also promoting excellence in communication, leadership, and character, the social and emotional needs of our students are addressed resulting in a well-rounded individual ready to meet the challenges of secondary education.

Our standards based curriculum fosters life-long learning through individual student engagement. Along with providing proficiency in the core academic subjects and integrated technology, we remain committed to the Visual and Performing Arts, World Language, Character Education, and Band/Choral Programs. Remedial as well as advanced programs are also provided for students with special needs. Additionally, our enthusiastic, professional staff provide an array of after school activities for students to voluntarily participate which promote positive self-esteem, leadership, and character. The district consistently strives to evaluate all of its programming in search of ways to improve overall effectiveness. We aspire to be on the cutting edge of best practice instruction, always considering the latest educational research.

Collaboration, partnership, and cooperation by students, parents, faculty, and community members are vital to our districts' success. Together, we share in educating students to appreciate and respect the contribution of individual talents, cultures, and backgrounds that reflect our society. We are confident in providing our students with the array of opportunities outlined above. Our efforts will assist in yielding the next generation of engineers, artists, physicians, musicians, mathematicians, scientists, teachers, and the list goes on. . .

As educators, we are committed to upholding the ideals that all of our stakeholders express for public education. Together we will nurture and continue to care for our precious charges. By dreaming about the future, we can begin to shape it. Working collaboratively, we can achieve it. I invite you to visit our extensive district website at at your convenience. It will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our community, district, and individual schools. You are always welcome as a visitor. Our best ambassadors for our district are our students, staff, parents and visitors; just ask one.