Moorestown Township Public School District (05-3360)

Moorestown Township Public School District

The Moorestown Township Public Schools are located in a charming, tree-lined suburb less than 20 minutes from Philadelphia. Inspired by its Quaker tradition, the town continues to be a beacon of civility and prides itself on its small town intimacy. The district consists of six schools, three K-3 elementary schools, one upper elementary school serving students in 4 through 6 grades, one middle school housing 7th and 8th grade students and one state of the art high school with grades 9-12. MTPS strives to provide high quality, challenging programs for its 3,800 plus students at a reasonable cost.

The district’s mission statement is expressed as E-cubed Plus Partnership with “E-cubed” standing for Excellence, Equity and Engagement. Partnership is exemplified by the vibrant support afforded the schools by the Moorestown community. In particular, the district is exceptionally served by an active Home & School organization, which provides a plethora of fundraising opportunities. Additionally, the district’s work is enhanced by a variety of organizations dedicated to the students of the district. These organizations include Moore Arts, PACE (Gifted and Talented Committee), SpEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee), and the Moorestown Educational Foundation. The school community partnership is exemplified by Moorestown students’ long-standing commitment to community service. Excellence in academics, athletics and the arts is a hallmark of the district’s tradition. Equity emanates district’s ongoing focus on success for all students. Engagement signifies the district’s commitment to a high-level exploration of every student’s potential.

Moorestown Township Schools have received numerous accolades with the high school and the elementary schools receiving the prestigious National Blue Ribbon status. Approximately 95% of MHS students continue their education at the post secondary level. Moorestown High School SAT & AP scores are among the best in the state. The district’s talented teaching staff provides academic challenge in a supportive environment, which allows children to thrive. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the district is the involvement of its teachers in curriculum development and instructional training. The district’s ongoing quest to conduct the “critical instructional conversation,” is part and parcel of what it means to be a Moorestown educator.

MTPS offers numerous and varied opportunities for students to excel in all areas of endeavor. Through comprehensive academic and athletic programs, as well as in the arts, the district is committed to the notion that all students can excel. Moorestown has been a powerhouse in most sports, boasting numerous state championships, including tennis, field hockey, lacrosse, and football. In addition to its athletic success, the district has also been distinguished by its exceptional performing arts program. District vocal and instrumental ensembles continue to perform regular garner accolades throughout the region. Major theatrical productions include a dramatic presentation in the fall and a musical in the spring. Moorestown students are always well represented in state competition, by virtue of their artistic expertise, and creative talents.

In conclusion, Moorestown is a dynamic community, which enjoys a rich tradition and high level of achievement. Using Excellence, Equity and Engagement via Partnership as its road map to the future, Moorestown is certain to continue on the path to success.