Mount Holly Township Public School District (05-3430)

Mount Holly Township Public School District

Mt. Holly Township Public Schools

Today, the Mount Holly Township Public School District is better positioned to seize the opportunities set before us and to improve its position in the local, regional, and global educational arena as a high performing school district. In May 2016, the Board of Education approved the school district’s five year Educational Strategy: Vision 2021. The Future is Now. Please visit the school district webpage to view our strategic plan

The strategic panel defined purpose through vision, mission, and core value statements. These statements are the foundation of the strategic plan and the strategic context for decisions and actions that will grow the organization.

OUR VISION is that “Every student will have an excellent educational experience”.

OUR MISSION is to “Cultivate the capacity for lifelong learning, the creativity for innovation, and the curiosity for exploration”.

OUR CORE VALUES statement is “We pursue excellence through perseverance, integrity, collaboration, and inspiration”.

The strategic planning panel declared that we are a Board of Education that pledges to serve the community and make a difference in the lives of every student that enters our schools; we are innovative leaders who pursue excellence through research-based best practices; we are dedicated and highly qualified educators; we are passionate and committed parents; we ensure that school security is a top priority; and, we continue to maintain a fiscally responsible and educational rich budget.

The strategic panel identified several areas to improve over the next five years. To provide every student with an excellent educational experience, the panel has taken action to develop

* An academic environment that supports the whole child to stimulate college and career readiness;
* A positive and inclusive learning environment to promote independence and self-motivation;
* A respectful school culture through character education to prepare active citizens who foster acceptance and tolerance;
* A collaborative focus among the three district schools, and between the school district and its connection to the home and the community; and,
* A strategy to promote sustainable practices for a healthy student body, a cleaner planet, and a prosperous community.

The Educational Strategy builds on the previous five years, in which there has been considerable progress across many domains. A major part of this is building community: parents, educators, and leaders working together. Our progress includes substantive program development which has produced adequate growth in reading, writing, mathematics, as well as increased proficiency in the sciences. Mount Holly Township Public Schools has placed itself in a good position regarding technology for education: 100% WiFi, Google Apps for Education, interactive whiteboards, professional STEM software with a 3-D printer, and inching closer to a 1:1 device learning environment. The Office of School Innovation inducted Mount Holly Township Schools as a member of the innovateNJ Community for recognizing the district’s Gifted for All and STEM programs, service learning projects, technology capacity, and our Project Lead The Way program. The district was accepted into the Sustainable Jersey for Schools cohort, a certification program for New Jersey public schools to go green, conserve resources and take steps to create a brighter future, one school at a time.

The socio-economic and 21st century challenges we face require strategic patience and persistence. They require us to take our responsibility seriously and make the smart investments in the foundations of instruction, program, and facilities. We will continue to pursue a comprehensive agenda that draws on all elements of the school community - students, parents, educators, and local partners - that is attuned to the strategic risks and opportunities we face, and that is guided by the principles and priorities set out in our educational strategy.

To succeed, we will draw upon the power of our example by committing to our vision, cultivating our mission, and acting in line with our values. We will embrace our exceptional roles and responsibilities as leaders in the community at a time when our unique contributions and capabilities are needed most, and when the choices we make today can mean greater prosperity for our children and their families for generations to come. The future is now. Let us make our mark.