Mount Laurel Township School District (05-3440)

Mount Laurel Township School District

The Mount Laurel Township School District, in partnership with the community, has embarked upon an aggressive course to prepare students to function responsibly in a global society. Our emphasis on data-driven decision-making and differentiated instruction have earned respect in the field of education and resulted in success for all of our students.

The Mount Laurel School District is one of 95 school districts in the state operating under the K-8 structure with over 751 students. The district houses its student population in eight school buildings - six kindergarten through grade 4 schools; one grades 5 and 6 school and one grades 7 and 8 school. In addition, the district operates a central administration building, district maintenance operations building and a Staff Learning/Student Transportation Center.

Our students score above state averages on both state and district standardized test measures and receive additional recognition in many areas of achievement such as the arts and athletics. Recognized throughout Burlington County, our district boasts a comprehensive Community Education program and full range of extracurricular options in the areas of music, art and drama programs.

Mount Laurel's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Program has offered students the ability to learn computer coding, build underwater robotics, participate in creative thinking exercise and a variety of higher-thinking skills.

The Mount Laurel School District is funded primarily through local property taxes. State funding has averaged approximately 11-percent of our total annual budget for the past ten years. While property taxes support the majority of the school budget, the district is fortunate that the community values and embraces quality education. New Jersey Department of Education's Comparative Spending Guide indicates that in Mount Laurel, the per-pupil administrative cost and the total cost per-pupil fall below the state average, while funding devoted to classroom instruction ranks above the state average.

The school district culture reflects the core belief that all children can learn given the right environment and opportunities. All students have the opportunity and are encouraged to attain at a high level of academic rigor. Teachers at each of our schools are encouraged to teach to the highest standards. Numerous supports are in place for students who experience difficulty in meeting the standard of instruction.

We are proud of our students and staff and hope those who view this New Jersey State School Report Card will take the opportunity to visit our website at for more information about our schools.