The Riverside Township School District is located on the western edge of Burlington County. We are a vibrant Pre-K to 12 district settled in a close-knit community of 8,079 residents. The School District educates approximately 1,400 students. The district has a very positive and cooperative send/receive relationship with the Delanco Public Schools. Students from Delanco are educated in their local K-8 District, and then subsequently attend grades 9-12 at Riverside High School. Our mission statement says that the Riverside Township Public Schools will, “provide outstanding educational experiences, aligned with the New Jersey Learning Standards, in a safe and caring learning environment. Through these experiences, and together with a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, it is the District's goal to prepare all of its students to be responsible citizens capable of reaching their full potential.”
School Performance Reports are issued by the State of New Jersey and are designed to enhance both educator and stakeholder engagement in discussions about how well a school is preparing their students for college and careers. Student demographic information along with school performance and structure are highlighted. Further data is provided in the areas of Academic Achievement in Mathematics and Language Arts, College and Career Readiness, Student Growth and Progress over time and performance in Graduation and Post-Secondary performance. These results are used to assess the success of our efforts, diagnose problem areas, and to make peer group comparisons.
But in truth, no statistical portrait can capture the true character or value of our efforts to educate the children of Riverside and to help prepare them for their futures. A dedicated and caring staff here in Riverside continues to help make the school experience, at all grade levels, a positive and enriching one. A school and community culture based on mutual respect and shared effort continues to make Riverside a special place for children to learn and grow. At the same time, as our older students enter a rapidly changing world, they benefit from our efforts to constantly refine and improve the curriculum and school program.
The level of support from our greater community is extensive and valued. Parents regularly participate in the elementary, middle and high school parent groups, committees, and school events. Each year parent volunteers and school personnel collaboratively host very successful student centered programs at all three school levels.
Please take a moment to view our individual school narratives for Riverside Elementary, Middle and High School which provide more detailed information about each of our schools. This information helps to provide a basic understanding of the unique context of each school. We remain especially proud of the stories of success written every day in our classrooms, our student activities, and the further education and success of our graduates.
If you would like additional information about the Riverside Township Public Schools, feel free to visit the district and school website at www.riverside.k12.nj.us.