Riverton School District (05-4460)

Riverton School District

The Riverton School Board of Education meets the fourth Tuesday of every month in the media center at 7:00 P.M. All members of the community are encouraged to attend. School Board Members are as follows:

Walter Croft, President, Scott Koste, Vice-President, JoAnn Corbi, Mark DiLeo, Jeffrey Elliot, Helen Mack, Robin McGinnis, Michael Sencindiver, Scott Warnock, and Donna Gidjunis, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Student achievement in the Riverton School District continues to be high. We will be sharing and using data from the State-mandated testing to inform curriculum decisions and meet individual needs of students.

Our town supports the school with positive participation. Please view our School Narrative and visit our school’s website http://www.riverton.k12.nj.us.